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With its main campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, Virginia Tech is one of the oldest, most important research universities in the country. Many people are seeking job opportunities in such an important place in Virginia but not all of them will be hired. Luckily, though, the university employs 13,000+ individuals around the world, throughout the state, and on-campus in different types of positions. So, you still have a good chance!

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Virginia Tech Employment – Staff Positions

The Division of Human Resources is in charge of overseeing all aspects of staff employment, such as the selection of candidates and the advertising of open positions.

There are 3,500+ staff members who work at Virginia Tech in a variety of positions, such as housekeepers, lab technicians, trade workers, food service employees, and administrative assistants. There are entry-level professionals such as generalists in human resources, graphic designers, business managers, IT specialists, and registered nurses.

There are many appealing reasons people like to work at Virginia Tech. For example, staff positions may receive additional benefits. Interested? Here are the two types of staff positions offered by Virginia Tech:

Classified Staff Positions

Classified staff is employees who started state employment before July 1, 2006 and are covered by the State of Virginia Human Resource and Virginia Personnel Act policies.

University Staff Positions

University staff are employees hired after or on July 1, 2006 and are covered by university policies.

Virginia Tech Employment – Wage Positions

Virginia Tech offers four different types of wage positions. These positions are currently not eligible for benefits since they’re regarded as part-time

From May 1-Apr. 30, employees get paid on an hourly basis for hours worked and total hours worked, which should not exceed 1,500 hours. From May 1-Apr. 30, employees may be asked to work a maximum of 1,500 hours in any combination of 28 hours per week for 52 weeks, 40 hours per week for 37 weeks, or other combinations. 

Here are the four available types of wage positions offered by Virginia Tech:

Student Wage Positions

These are typically considered part-time positions and don’t come with benefits. Jobs may be posted online via the department’s website or through other forms of advertising. You can visit Virginia Tech Employment to see some of these positions advertised in the ‘Student’ section. 

The candidate must be able to do the work, be a Virginia Tech student that’s presently enrolled, be available to work the required work schedule, and have the required permits to work in the US. 

  • Note: you may need the approval of your program of study to work 20+ hours per week.

1,500-hour Wage Positions

These positions may last for several years, but they’re typically temporary and project-focused. These jobs, like those for staff and faculty, are posted by the Division of Human Resources.

Emergency Hire Positions

These jobs pay hourly, don’t include benefits, and have a maximum limit of 130-day. They’re also temporary or seasonal. It’s a great thing that there’s no need to search for these positions because hiring and advertising are both done at the department level.  Candidates should contact the department they want to work in to learn more about emergency hire job opportunities.

Sporadic Hire Positions

These are part-time jobs that require a maximum of 10 hours of work per week. In these positions, assignments are irregular or infrequent and benefits are not available to employees. Just like emergency hire positions, there’s no need to search for these positions because hiring and advertising are both done at the department level.  

Virginia Tech Employment – Faculty Positions

Students at Virginia Tech: faculty positions

The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors is in charge of overseeing faculty employment. And the hiring department is in charge of conducting decentralized search and screening processes. All advertised vacancies are also listed online, despite the fact that departments may offer open positions in different locations. Here are the different faculty positions offered by Virginia Tech:

Administrative And Professional Faculty (A/P) Positions

There are almost 1,400 of these positions at Virginia Tech. Senior administrators who work in administrative faculty frequently handle tasks that are directly related to running a college, an administrative department, or an institution. Deans, directors, and vice presidents, are all roles filled by administrative and professional faculty.

Professional and managerial positions include jobs in information technology, public relations, human resources, and finance. Other positions include counselors, librarians, extension agents, professionals in outreach and continuing education, academic, and student affairs professionals, coaches, physicians, development officers, and more. 

Teaching and Research Faculty (T&R) Positions 

Teaching and research faculty members are part and parcel of the whole institution and are responsible for instructing graduate and undergraduate students. While research and extension specialist positions have a small instructional role, they’re still T&R faculty. 

Research Faculty Positions

As part of the university’s outreach and research missions, research faculty members often work under sponsored grants and contracts and conduct research.

The different types of research faculty members are research scientist, research associate, senior research associate, senior research scientist, senior project associate, research associate professor, research professor, project director, research assistant professor, postdoctoral associate, and project associate.

Adjunct Teaching Faculty Positions

Virginia Tech Also offers temporary, part-time teaching employment opportunities that may or may not be advertised. You should contact the relevant department head directly to fill these jobs. 

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