If you’re looking for generous Amazon jobs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this is your chance to cash in on the increasing demand for Amazon employees in the country!

Amazon is hands-down one of the best companies to work at not just in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but in the whole world. This is because it offers a variety of tempting features to its lucky employees, such as a wide range of positions to help them discover their perfect match, the ability to choose from early morning, evening, daytime, weekend, or overnight shifts, pay rates that are among the highest in the market, and much more! 

With that being said, let’s go through the top 7 highest-paying Amazon jobs in Dubai you can get right NOW!

Top 7 Amazon Jobs in Dubai – United Arab Emirates

1. Amazon Data Entry Specialist

  • Average salary (per year): $41,983
  • What you’re expected to do: Provide support services to the logistics department, help with the Purchase order, help with the implementation, help with checking on customer Purchase Order vs. Proforma invoice, enter Sales Order, help with the e-commerce platform orders and discrepancies, help with the checking of available Stock on Hand, scan documents, and print files.
  • Required skills and experience: Excellent command of English both written and spoken, good communication and organizational skills, attention to detail, ability to pick things up effectively and quickly, a good understanding of Microsoft Excel, and a good understanding of JAFZA documentation.

2. Amazon Enterprise Support Manager

  • Average salary (per year): $260,768
  • What you’re expected to do: Provide consistent and high-quality customer service, participate in the onboarding of new merchants, investigate transaction-related issues and quickly escalate concerns to the operations and technical team, create insightful reports to merchants, perform analysis on merchants support contacts, act as a voice for Amazon merchants by giving useful feedback to businesses, update and maintain internal knowledge reference content and pages, have perfect verbal and written communication skills, the ability to interact with external individuals, have a good understanding of Amazon Payment services, help with merchant communication during critical support events, programs, and launches.
  • Required skills and experience: Bachelor’s degree, previous experience as a customer service agent, the ability to resolve merchant problems, and a good understanding of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office.

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3. Amazon Logistics Supervisor

  • Average salary (per year): $77,811
  • What you’re expected to do: Monitor and control performance, analyze customer experience, maintain and develop SLAs and KPIs, optimize the 3PL’s first and middle delivery network, develop and maintain strong communication processes, and conduct audits based on SOPs.
  • Required skills and experience: Bachelor’s degree, a good understanding of Microsoft Excel, previous experience with distribution and supply chain processes, and experience in data analysis and evaluating data.

4. Amazon Music Programmer

Other Jobs at Amazon in Dubai - UAE: Music Technology
  • Average salary (per year): $144k-$194k
  • What you’re expected to do: Use data of wide-ranging genres to create and refine content, identify what different customers need, and use the findings to content that appeals to the audiences.
  • Required skills and experience: Proven work experience in music programming, a good knowledge of Middle-Eastern music and other music styles and genres, the ability to deliver results in a fast-paced working environment, and strong communication and writing skills in both Arabic and English.

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5. Amazon Executive Assistant

  • Average salary (per year): $100,696
  • What you’re expected to do: Play a leadership role with the administrative support team, manage complex calendar and scheduling requirements, engage and coordinate with leadership in planning and organizing events, manage group logistics, serve as a liaison for direct reports, track and help drive completion of key deliverables, drive key team activities, update team organizational charts, participate in event planning, and work with other assistants.
  • Required skills and experience: Previous experience in an administrative role supporting senior management, proficiency with Microsoft Office like Outlook, Excel, Word, and SharePoint, and strong communication and writing skills in both English and Arabic, strong work ethic, ability to work in an ambiguous environment, high level of integrity and discretion in handling confidential information and dealing with professional individuals.

6. Amazon Marketing Manager

  • Average salary (per year): $148,641
  • What you’re expected to do: optimize the marketing funnel to drive KPIs like CPA and MQL, execute impactful customer communication campaigns, be responsible for lead generation and digital marketing activities, plan and execute impactful events, evaluate event proposals, manage event agencies, contribute and influence the innovation roadmap for digital channel technologies, use new tools and platforms to improve the overall customer experiences, and make continuous improvements based on insights and data.
  • Required skills and experience: 5+ years of B2B and e-commerce growth marketing experience, perfect oral and written communication skills, understanding of how to use performance tracking tools and analyzing to make insights, an exceptional ability to plan, the ability to deliver and optimize paid campaigns, and strong event and project management skills.

7. Amazon Recruiting Assistant

Amazon Recruiting Assistant interviewing a candidate in Dubai.
  • Average salary (per year): $84,936 per
  • What you’re expected to do: Schedule interviews, arrange travel for visiting candidates, update candidate records and job postings, confirm new hires, track recruiting activities and provide candidate status, coordinate the post-interview debrief meetings, provide debrief materials, provide follow-up correspondence to candidates on recruiting status through email and phone, and help in the coordination of other recruiting activities.
  • Required skills and experience: Have a good understanding of legal aspects of the hiring process, proven experience in a recruiting or HR role, ability to work alone or in a group, ability to learn how to use new systems, ability to work accurately and efficiently under pressure, and strong attention to detail.

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