The fast-paced field of cybersecurity is one with challenges and the thrills of problem-solving. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for cyber security jobs, especially information security analysts, will grow 35% from 2021 to 2031.

The rapid growth of the cyber security market and lack of trained professionals have given rise to many job opportunities with great benefits and high-paying salaries. If you are looking for Cyber Security jobs in Houston TX, this article “Cybersecurity Jobs Houstons” is for you. Let’s look into a few details of cybersecurity jobs before looking at the jobs available in Houston, TX.

What is a Cyber Security Job?

What is Cyber Security job?

Cyber professionals specializing in IT infrastructure, network, and cloud security have different roles in cyber security. It often involves understanding emerging cyber security threats, like malware, cyber attacks, and cyber criminals’ behavior.

Anticipating and preventing all such attacks is what cyber security jobs are about.

Top Cyber Security Jobs and Salaries

While the mean salary for a cyber security technician is more than $100k/year, some of the in-demand cyber security job titles include:

  1. Senior software developer: $151,960
  2. Cyber security manager/administrator: $130,000
  3. Software developer/engineer: $110,140
  4. Cyber security analyst: $107,500
  5. Vulnerability analyst/penetration tester: $101,091
  6. Cyber security consultant: $92,504
  7. Systems engineer: $90,920
  8. Network engineer/architect: $83,150
  9. Systems administrator: $80,600

Industries That Employ CyberSecurity Professionals

Cyber attacks cause problems for companies across industries.

Cyber attacks cause problems for companies across industries. Owing to security weaknesses, hackers access confidential information like credit card and social security numbers, company secrets, passwords, and medical data. Then, they sell this information to the highest bidder or ransom it back.

The most popular industries that hire cyber security technicians include:

  • Management of companies and enterprises
  • Activities related to credit intermediation
  • Computer systems design and related services
  • Management, scientific, and technical consulting services

Education Requirements

Each company has its requirements when hiring information security professionals. The salary structures vary by the degrees of the candidate. Some of the standard education requirements include:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Security, cyber security, or a related field (suitable for an entry-level post like information security analyst). ($62k/year)
  • An associate degree or an online cybersecurity degree is an alternative to a bachelor’s degree.
  • A Graduate-level certificate (Master’s Degree) in cybersecurity or computer science. ($91k/year)
  • Cybersecurity certifications like Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Security+, Network+, Licensed Penetration Tester, and Certified Information Systems Security Professionals.

Cybersecurity Jobs Houston, TX

Cyber Security Job Opportunities in Houston TX. Best Job Sites in the US.

While you could opt to receive a job alert as soon as there is a requirement for any cyber security jobs in Houston, TX, here are some of the ones available now:


ConocoPhillips: Security Rotational Analyst, Information Technology 2023

Salary: $68.8k – $87.2k/year

This position requires a candidate at the Senior level in college with a Bachelor’s degree in a related field graduating 2022/23.

Responsibilities as per job description include rotation through Cybersecurity, Awareness Training and Support, and Governance Risk Compliance and System Security Architecture. Candidates must also support security tools and advocate for safe security practices by implementing security awareness campaigns.

KPMG: Cyber Threat Hunting and Incident Response Analyst

Salary: $90k – $130k/year

This position requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university or a minimum of five years of recent security monitoring experience and incident response activities.

Among the many responsibilities, the candidate must develop security monitoring using cases and supporting content for security tools—complete threat hunting in both on-premises and cloud environments.

LEE College: Information Security Compliance Analyst

Salary: $61,984 – $71,286/year

The requirements for this post include a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in a related field, five years of experience in a similar field, and experience in implementing risk, governance, and compliance strategies.

One of the main responsibilities includes establishing and publicizing a security awareness program to achieve and maintain a security-conscious user community. In addition, the candidate must also perform system and application vulnerability testing, among other responsibilities.

Rice University: ISO Security Analyst I

Salary: $50.9k – $64.5k/year

The educational requirement is an associate’s degree and a year of related experience in an information security role (vulnerability assessment, cloud security, incident response, system auditing, intrusion detection, and/or firewall management).

Among the list of responsibilities, the candidate must aid in responding to detected security events, from everyday security events to advanced persistent threats. The candidate must also support the operational tasks of the vulnerability management program.


Some entry-level cyber security analyst jobs in Houston, TX, are listed on LinkedIn. You can choose to receive job alerts on LinkedIn once you’ve created your profile. This is also a great platform to connect with professionals from cyber security.

PwC: Cyber Security Consulting Associate – summer/fall 2023

Since it’s an entry-level position, the requirement includes strong communication skills, and responsibilities include validating data and analysis for accuracy and relevance. The candidate must also work with existing processes/systems while making constructive suggestions for improvements.

The other job openings in PwC include

  • Cyber Security Consulting Intern
  • Cybersecurity Penetration Testing Senior Associate

Fugro: Information Security Analyst

This position requires a bachelor’s degree or higher in Information Security (IS) or IT, three or more years of direct work experience in Information Security, and two years of work experience in project teams and/or directly working on IT/IS systems.

The candidate must address client cyber security requirements and ensure information asset owners implement suitable measures to make the IT landscape compliant and secure.


This is another impressive job search platform where you can sign in with your account and opt to get the latest job alert for cyber security jobs.

UTHealth Houston: Information Security Analyst in Information Technology

The requirements for this position include certifications in IT or IS, an understanding of multi-factor authorization, lifecycle components, and solution resiliency, among others.

They provide several benefits to their employees and make an impressive company to work for. Among the many responsibilities, the candidate must monitor and enforce compliance with security policies, standards, and guidelines.

Summing It Up

Cybersecurity jobs are rising due to the increasing digital presence of organizations and companies. The digital platform is an indispensable factor for business operations, and so are cyber security professionals.

We hope you found this article “Cybersecurity Jobs Houston” beneficial. We wish you all the best of Luck in your career! Learn more about how Talentprise can help you land your dream job.

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