Chicago is well-known not only for its tall skyscrapers but also serves as a major hub for tech startups and established businesses.

Chicago is becoming a tech startup powerhouse of international renown. Information Technology (IT) has grown to be one of the most well-liked industries in Chicago at the moment as a result of numerous technology companies settling here.

So, if you’re looking for an IT job, Chicago is the place to go.

Why Look For IT Jobs In Chicago?

The Midwest’s technical hub is Chicago. The city offers some of the highest-paying IT positions such as senior tech support reps, software manager, web developer, etc in the area. It provides stable employment and an affordable cost of living. 

Many tech professionals wishing to start a new job find Chicago to be excellent, especially if they reside in the area. The median tech salary in Chicago has increased for almost ten years and is currently $82,224.

Additionally, there is still an opportunity for personnel expansion. Over 73,000 people work in IT in the city, and organizations like Uber and Salesforce have said they’re looking to recruit thousands more people to staff their brand-new locations there.

Finding a job that will pay a suitable amount is quite achievable given that Chicago is one of the top 6 tech ecosystems in the world.

What are the Top 6 Flexible IT Jobs In Chicago?

If you’re looking for flexible information technology jobs in Chicago, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This list has options for everyone, including recent graduates who have just received their degrees and expert IT professionals with years of experience.

1. IT Technician

Top 7 Flexible IT Jobs In Chicago, IL: IT Technician

According to Glassdoor, the average income for IT technicians in the US is $69,774 as of July 2022. It’s a field that’s expanding; according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of computer support specialists will increase by 9% between 2020 and 2030.

Installing, maintaining, and repairing the hardware and software of the company’s computers fall within the purview of an IT Technician. They provide information technology solutions and promote information security awareness.

Additionally, they provide support for these systems via remote access or on-site visits when required by management teams within their business.

Qualifications/Skills Required:

  • Education, technical knowledge, and experience are required qualifications for becoming an IT technician.
  • Strong computer science skills, including a thorough grasp of operating systems, hardware and software, and fundamental computer programming, are essential for IT jobs. 
  • Jobseekers must also be familiar with electronic devices, internet programs, and security. Since working as a technician often involves interacting with clients, they may also need to have strong communication skills.

2. Software Developers

Software Developer Jobs in Chicago, IL, US.

Software developers create all kinds of computer programs. They create it all from operating systems to apps to video games, they design and develop the code. The CBS News article states that the software developer position is one of the most in-demand jobs in Chicago.

Software developers occasionally also supervise the work of computer technicians, programmers, and engineers. They are in charge of the entire software development process and deal with technology related issues. They consult with clients, establish needs, collaborate on development, guarantee usability, and carry out quality assurance.

Qualifications/Skills Required:

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar technical subject is all that is required to become a software developer. They need to be proficient in computer programming languages and techniques.

3. Web Developer

Web Developer Jobs in Chicago, USA

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% increase in web developer employment by 2029, which is double the national average.

In Chicago, Illinois, the average yearly wage for a web developer is $86160. A web developer’s duties include creating and maintaining websites. 

If a developer is capable of both front-end and back-end programming, they may also be referred to as web designers or full-stack developers.

Qualifications/Skills Required:

  • There is no set educational prerequisite for those who want to work as web developers, and these experts may come from a variety of educational backgrounds and training. 
  • Web developers may choose to pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a related topic, though requirements can vary based on the employer and the position. 
  • They may receive professional training and skills development from this, which could get them ready for a job in this field. Students interested in this profession frequently major in IT, computer science, or web development.

4. UX/UI Designers

UX/UI Designer Jobs in Chicago

UX design gives users who engage with a product or service a worthwhile, pleasant experience. Successful UX design emphasizes the demands of the user and aids in goal- and task-accomplishing for users.

UI/UX designers are in charge of designing and implementing all of a user’s experiences when dealing with a digital tool, like a website.

Qualifications/Skills Required:

You require expertise in UX design, graphic design, market research, psychology, and other areas to work as a UX designer. While many UX designers begin their careers in web design or development, anyone working in a similar sector can pick up the necessary skills.

5. Software Engineering Manager

The responsibility of a software engineering manager in a managerial position is to oversee and direct the work of other software engineers on projects, including the creation of software, programs, and applications. 

They monitor engineers’ work to ensure that the best practices for software development are followed. The manager then reports to their senior.

Qualifications/Skills Required

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming is necessary for the position of software engineering manager, as well as several years of experience in a function or industry that is closely comparable.
  • For them to independently contribute, they also need to be proficient in programming languages and applications.

The area around Chicago il in the United States pays software engineering managers an average compensation of $1,48,508 annually.

6. IT Development Manager

The IT Development Manager is responsible for offering an IT development service and continuously advancing all IT processes, systems, and personnel.

As a manager of IT development, they make sure that their staff or department functions successfully, efficiently, and in accordance with organizational objectives.

They collaborate closely with department heads and other system owners to find, create, and support new technological solutions. They are also in charge of developing organizational IT policies, practices, and best practices and making sure they are followed.

Qualification/Skills Required:

  • Holding a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or other related fields.
  • A master’s degree.
  • Skills like Java, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, C++, etc are necessary to get the role of an IT Development Manager.

7. Cloud Engineer

A Cloud Engineer is a member of the IT industry who manages all of the technical labor involved with Cloud Computing.

Qualifications/Skills Required

The skills listed below are necessary for a cloud engineer:

  • computer science degree or a related subject.
  • Must be able to solve problems.
  • knows how to solve technical problems.
  • Skills in data analytics are also necessary.
  • To plan and develop cloud applications, you must be able to think critically and creatively.
  • understanding of various cloud computing platforms.

As per, the annual salary for a cloud engineer in Chicago, Illinois, is $121,551.

Apart from the above-mentioned jobs, there are a lot of other options out there. The Information technology teacher for example is a great job. The information technology teacher serves as an instructor, uses educational program, and teaches all about technology.

There are several reputable companies where you might find employment in Chicago. Download job search apps such as Monster, Indeed, or Linkedin and receive the latest job alert on them. Go through the job description and apply right away on employment apps to find your ideal IT job!

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