Is talent sourcing a priority for your business? Are you struggling to find the top candidates for the open roles? As a candidate, are you struggling to be seen? Does the job board or applicant tracking system serve as the best option for talent sourcing?

You’re not alone. Candidate sourcing is a top priority for recruiters.  And with 60% of job seekers using free resume databases, it’s no wonder potential candidates get lost in the talent pool.

Finding the right talent for your company can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to find people with the right skills, you also need to find top employees who will be a good fit for your company culture. And then there’s the challenge of keeping up with ever-changing technology requirements. How can you make sure that you’re finding the best candidates and follow-ups with changing technology needs? AI-based solutions can help! In this article, we will discuss how artificial intelligence can help improve your talent sourcing process.

Recruiters searching for talent using different tools, channels, and networks

One of the challenges of talent sourcing is finding candidates with the right skills. With so many different job titles and descriptions out there, it can be difficult to know where to start your search. AI-based solutions can help you by identifying the key skills and experience that your ideal candidate should have.

Another challenge of talent sourcing is keeping up with changing technology requirements. Technology is always evolving, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. AI-based solutions can help you by identifying new technology requirements and matching them with candidates who have the right skills.

AI-based solutions can help you by identifying the key skills and experience that your ideal candidate should have. This will help you to narrow down your search and find candidates who are a good fit for your company. Additionally, AI-based solutions can help you to stay up-to-date on changing technology needs. By predicting which skills will be in demand in the future, you can make sure that you’re always hiring the best possible candidates. This also allows you to build a skill development program for new hires.

The solution? – Data-driven candidate matching technology. Here are our top 5 ways candidate matching algorithms can revolutionize talent sourcing for both recruiters and candidates alike.

1. Ai-powered talent sourcing and recruiting solutions are the next era.

Keep up with the competition. Artificial Intelligence is going to replace Applicant Tracking System.

Artificial Intelligence has been adopted by 43% of HR departments globally.  41% of HR professionals use algorithms to identify best-fit candidates. And a further 38% plan to start soon. 

AI in Recruitment trend.

With most companies using virtual recruiting and candidate matching, recruiters and candidates don’t want to get left behind. 

Why HR analytics is so important these days?

Using HR analytics allows recruiters and hiring managers to gain insights into the effectiveness of their recruitment processes. Data-driven candidate matching software can enhance a large number of key hiring metrics. These include quality, cost and time to hire. Other benefits include:

  • 75% reduction in cost per screen
  • 34% decrease in employee turnover
  • 4% increase in revenue per employee

2. Build a Candidate Persona to increase the quality of hire, time to hire and growing a talent pipeline

Improving quality of hire is the top priority for recruiters and hiring managers. Followed by improving time to hire and growing a talent pipeline.

Top recruiting priorities in the next 12 months.

Here’s where Talentprise comes in. Talentprise is a smart talent sourcing and screening web platform. It enables recruiters and hiring managers to develop their ideal talent persona to identify their requirements including soft skills based on job descriptions. 

Talentprise develops a fully customized, proactive talent pipeline. It uses state-of-the-art, data-driven, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to match the best talent capabilities and quickly learn users’ preferences.

Talent sourcing with Talentprise AI driven platform to improve hiring process

The intuitive candidate matching of Talentprise goes beyond just searching for a keyword or job title in resumes, probing much deeper into candidate profiles. Ensuring recruiters get the best-fit candidate in a short amount of time.

For jobseekers this means you can stand out from the crowd, showcasing your talents to the top employers. Whether you are actively looking for a job or a passive job searcher, the first step for you is to register a Talent account at

3. Intelligent Candidate Matching reduces time to hire

Artificial intelligence software uses a data-driven algorithm to screen and assess candidates. Using the ‘wish list data’ from the candidate persona, the software then searches for the perfect fit candidates in the database. No more trawling through hundreds of resumes to find the best candidates.

On average HR Managers could save 14 hours per week by automating manual tasks. Just think of what you could do with an extra 14 hours a week!

Using AI candidate matching technology, Talentprise provides in-house verified candidate profiles, using qualitative data to give great matching results.  Not only improving the quality of hiring and time to hire but also working for you as a digital headhunter.

Good news for job searchers too who can benefit from a reduced recruitment process time.

4. Be a proactive recruiter. Build talent pools proactively

Talentprise offers an AI-powered headhunter experience, sourcing the best matching candidates. Talent sourcing for immediate open positions and building talent pipelines for the future. Meaning you will always have a pool of qualified candidates ready for when you need it.

Talents can add their information ready for when recruiters are searching. Plus, if you are shortlisted for a job, but don’t quite make the grade, your details will be saved for new job opportunities.

5. Support diversity and inclusion and remove bias through automated process

Recruiters can remove bias in the matching press by using data-driven talent matching software. It is a great place for making decisions based on candidate abilities rather than the colour of their skin. Other discriminatory biases.

Showing commitment to diversity is important to attracting talent. 76% of job-seekers consider a diverse workforce as an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers. Candidates can rest assured that the Talentprise matching system supports diversity and inclusion.

So there you have it, our Top 5 ways data-driven candidate matching software can improve talent sourcing. In the competitive world of talent acquisition, make sure you don’t miss out on the right people. And for candidates, make sure you are seen by the best companies.

Read our article 9-box talent matrix and succession planning to learn more about what action you need to retain your talents after onboarding.

Talentprise is not a hiring website or job board platform, it doesn’t offer job listing. it offers unique online talent management for recruiters and candidates.

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