The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Talent Management (Ai hiring) is a growing trend that is changing the world of recruitment. Integrating AI into your hiring strategy could be key to success in the war for talent.

In our ultimate guide to AI for talent management, we’ll explain what AI is all about and how it can benefit your hiring processes. We also consider the challenges posed by AI and what it means for the future of the HR profession.

What is AI used for in hiring management?

AI often refers to any kind of technology that automates the hiring process. However, for technology to be considered to be AI, there needs to be an element of machine learning.

This means technology that does things automatically using algorithms. Here are some ways AI is being used in the hiring process:

  • Talent Matching- scores candidates through competency assessments to match top candidates to job profiles.
  • Automated talent sourcing- searches social media profiles to generate potential candidates for your talent pipeline.
  • Intelligent job search engine- like ZipRecruiter that uses powerful matching technology to send jobs/job alerts directly to job seekers.
  • Automated resume screening- quickly identifies top talent based on keywords in resumes.
  • Recruiter chatbots- engage candidates in real-time communications, improving the candidate experience.
  • AI-based video interviews- screen not only for the answers given to questions but also for language and facial expressions.

With a vast array of AI available to support your talent management processes, the advantages to your business can be significant.

How can AI improve hiring management?

With 43% of HR professionals already using AI, make sure you reap the benefits too. Reduce time to hire- The average recruiter spends 16 hours each week screening candidates.

With AI this can be reduced to just 5 hours. A welcome break from endless resume screening! AI can bring time savings across all stages of your hiring process. Freeing up your time to focus on high-level, value-adding work. A quicker hiring time also enhances the candidate experience, meaning you’re more likely to attract top talent.

Increase the quality of hire 66% of HR Professionals would like AI to improve the quality of their hires.  AI you can automatically assess candidates based on your ideal persona. Competency assessments measure candidates not only on their qualifications and experience but on their soft skills and cultural fit also. The best-fit candidates are then ranked to quickly find the cream of the crop. 

Reduce selection bias- High-profile campaigns like #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo, mean diversity and inclusion issues continue to be a high priority for HR professionals.  We know that diversity improves business success. But Gartner research also shows 74% of employees expect their employer to become more actively involved in the cultural debates of the day.  AI reduces bias in the hiring process by eliminating unconscious human bias and fairly assessing the whole candidate pool.

Improve the candidate experience- reduced hiring time, fairer selection methods and continuous communication all result in a much-improved candidate experience.  A positive hiring experience reduces employee turnover and increases new employee performance in the role.  A good hiring experience also affects your reputation in the recruitment market.  Candidates are more likely to accept your job offers and to promote you positively within their networks.

What are the key challenges of using AI in hiring management?

Whilst there are many advantages of AI in recruitment, there are still some challenges to overcome.

  • Dehumanizing the hiring process- Oracle research reports 69% of HR professionals fear AI could result in the dehumanization of the hiring process. But freeing up recruiters time means more opportunities for engagement on a personal level to enhance the candidate experience.
  • Discrimination due to poor programming- There have been concerns about discrimination in some AI systems. With some high profile companies getting it wrong.  But don’t be put off.  As AI is a relatively new tech with huge potential there’s lots of guidance to help you get it right. The FAIR Framework is a global standard to support the responsible use of AI in recruitment. Following good practices such as analyzing hiring trends and maintaining expert oversight will ensure you use AI fairly and effectively.

How will AI affect the HR profession?

So is AI going to put you out of a job? Definitely not! If anything, AI offers you the opportunity to evolve recruiter careers to the next level.

Embracing AI means you can enhance your role to focus on quality interactions with candidates.  You have more time to measure the soft skills of candidates, ensure a better culture fit and engage with talents to accept your job offers. Gaining strategic insights and building relationships with hiring managers will enhance your value to an organization.

The greatest value of AI in recruitment is achieved with an added human touch.

Global Hiring trends 2018 by LinkedIn.

AI in hiring is a growing area offering significant improvements in the time, cost, and quality of talent acquisition. Reducing bias and enhancing candidate experience help to make you an employer of choice. HR professionals and hiring managers using AI combined with their specialist insight and experience can harness the full power of AI.

Talentprise leverages the power of cutting-edge AI technology to proactively manage your talent pool. Our easy-to-use system lets you set up your ideal candidate persona.  Candidates are then assessed and matched on their experience, soft skills, and culture fit. Providing you with unbiased, fast, and effective screening. Delivering the best candidates straight to your inbox, so can get on with your day.

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