Recruitment has always been a strenuous, lengthy, and intricate process. Finding a candidate who fits your requirements is complex, and the pressure to hire the best is always high.

Candidate Assessments in Recruitment

While recruitment may seem simple to many, it involves the intersection of many moving parts. Recruiters must manage many tasks simultaneously: managing multiple screening processes, reviewing numerous resumes, and conducting the ever-important candidate assessments.

These assessments play a pivotal role in a candidate’s selection. They provide vital information about a candidate’s cognitive abilities and can even help determine a cultural fit. But with the ever-increasing number of candidates applying for every position, the challenge of conducting fair assessments grows.

Here are five tools that can help you streamline candidate assessments in recruitment:

1. HireVue

HireVue - End to End hiring platform

HireVue is an end-to-end hiring platform that offers a people-centric approach. They use videos as a medium to conduct initial screening and were one of the first to adopt AI in recruitment to accelerate the hiring process.

The videos and automated assessments save time and resources for both recruiters and candidates. You can screen and conduct interviews with multiple candidates simultaneously, and you can conduct remote interviews without hesitation.

The reason is that HireVue evaluates candidates’ communication and problem-solving abilities through AI. It provides detailed insights into candidates’ performance, which allows you to make hiring decisions quickly.

How Does HireVue Work?

To hire a potential candidate, you first must create a set of coding questions relevant to the position you are hiring for. Specifically for coding assessments, these questions contain fundamental programming concepts and advanced problem-solving scenarios.

When the tests are ready, send an invitation to the candidate through the HireVue platform, where the candidate can access instructions about the test. Once the candidate submits their test, HireVue employs AI algorithms to analyze it.

In addition to coding challenges, you can include video-based questions in the assessment process. The candidates record their videos against the questions, which allows you to assess their communication skills and technical abilities. This platform specifically benefits technical recruiters who want to speed up the hiring process.

2. Pymetrics

Soft Skills Candidate Assessments from Pymetrics

Pymetrics is a platform specifically designed to assess soft skills and cognitive behavior. It uses a unique ‘gamified,’ data-driven approach that applies behavioral sciences principles and AI to create a more efficient and fair hiring process.

The platform offers recruiters a fun way to conduct interviews and assessments. A candidate is presented with up to 12 games that assess everything from a candidate’s personality to their social behavior. Test results show patterned data, which is much more reliable than the candidate’s resume.

Sometimes, in the initial screening, Pymetrics uses techniques like blind screening, where candidate identities are hidden. This mitigates biases based on gender, ethnicity, or other demographic factors, which is one of the reasons why it has seen such widespread adoption.

How Does Pymetrics Work?

As previously discussed, Pymetrics allows you to use various analytical games for talent assessment. These games also use neuroscience and psychology to create games that mimic real-world scenarios and fit the job requirements.

The gamified nature of Pymetrics’ assessments makes the recruitment process more engaging and enjoyable for candidates, which otherwise can be dry and draining.

As candidates interact with the games, Pymetrics collects data on their behavior, response times, and decision-making processes. The algorithms then identify patterns to infer cognitive behavior and generate a profile of their emotional traits. You can assess these traits, compare them with your requirements, and make data-driven decisions.

3. TimeBee

TimeBee Employee Assessment tool

TimeBee is a time-tracking software for recruiters that tracks candidates’ activity while they complete online tests or assessments. The first two apps we discussed focus on assessing the candidates’ skills, whereas this software ensures they are honest during the assessment process.

TimbBee shows real-time data, such as time spent on a task, websites/apps used, and, most importantly, live screenshots to promote accountability and transparency in the candidate assessment process.

This data can help you keep candidate assessments fair and predict their behavior with their work assignments after they have been recruited.

How Does TimeBee Work?

TimeBee has various features that can help you identify the candidate’s activities during the assessment. You can run it in the background while the candidate completes the assessment. It will start tracking the time the second they start working on the test.

It also tracks the time candidates spend away from their desks to get an accurate measurement of the total time they took for the assignment.

Moreover, TimeBee tracks the websites and apps used during the assessment so you can analyze the research patterns, the interviewees’ knowledge about the assignment, and whether or not they have been fair with their submissions.

TimeBee also periodically takes screenshots of the interview, which are presented in a timeline view for recruiters to skim through. This offers managers insights into the candidate’s thought process when completing their assessment. 

4. Spark Hire

Spark Hire - video interview platform for recruiters

Spark Hire is a video-first interview platform that conducts interviews through videos. It allows recruiters to create pre-recorded video questions for candidates to answer at their convenience.

Spark Hire promotes asynchronous interviewing, where the company’s priority is saving everyone valuable time. The platform is best for high-volume recruitment scenarios where several managers are involved in hiring.

How Does Spark Hire Work?

The first step is to create text-based and video-based interview questions tailored to the specific job role or requirements. Then, using the Spark Hire platform, you can send invitations to candidates they receive in their emails.

They can assess the interview questions and record video responses through that invitation. You can also set the timer if needed. However, the candidates can rerecord their answers if they are not satisfied.

Once they have submitted their videos, you can assess their communication skills, personality, and suitability for the role. You can also send the videos through the platform to relevant managers, who can leave notes and feedback. This option helps speed up the recruiting process, and you have everyone’s input in one place.

5. TestGorilla

TestGorilla - Talent Skill Test

TestGorilla assesses candidates purely based on their skills and talent. The platform offers pre-built and customizable tests covering various technical and soft skill areas. These tests are designed to be fairly objective; candidates can complete them at their convenience.

TestGorilla has a library of assessments covering various domains, including technical skills, cognitive abilities, personality traits, and job-specific competencies. It also allows the creation of customized assessments tailored to specific skills and requirements.

How Does TestGorilla Work?

TestGorilla offers an assessment library, so you can start by choosing a test or creating your own with your specified questions. Once assessments are developed, you can invite candidates to complete them through the TestGorilla platform. Invitations are sent through emails or other communication channels containing instructions on accessing the test.

The interviewee must complete the test within the time frame, and then TestGorilla uses automated scoring algorithms to evaluate the performance. The score reports provide insights into the interviewee’s strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for the role.

The relevant managers score the subjective questions. The overall score determines the rank, and you can choose top candidates based on these scores. In addition to skills assessments, you can use personality, values, and situational judgment tests to evaluate their behavior patterns.

Summing up

These tools provide deep insights into candidates’ behavioral traits that they may hide during the in-person meeting. They offer valuable data beyond traditional methods, allowing you to identify the best talent for your team.

The best way to use these tools is as a supplement to your existing recruitment processes. While your eventual goal should be to accelerate recruitment processes, over-reliance on tools can also erode the human element that makes recruitment so special.

Ultimately, these tools streamline a more efficient and effective recruitment process that benefits both recruiters and candidates. Using these tools, you can sync candidate data, simplify workflows, and maintain consistency across the recruitment process.

Talentprise at a Glace

With the evolution of technology and its use in the recruitment industry, Talentprise, an AI-driven platform offers a simple and easy-to-use interface. The platform can allow and provide interactive access to a large number of candidates from various sectors. The AI technology can yield an optimal matching process for the recruiters to locate instant candidates. Also, the platform comprises of multiple tools like skill mapping and predictive analysis for recruiters to make imperative decisions and enhance their selection strategies in engaging the right candidates for their job descriptions. Talentprise is widely popular as it can be proven as a valuable product and service to improve and enhance their recruiting process.

If you are searching for top talent to hire, sign up for an account at Talentprise today!

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