Technology is a field that is advancing quite rapidly and will only continue to expand in the future. In the last two decades, this field has grown significantly greater than it has been in recent years. The two key technologies in the popular IT area of cloud computing are AWS and DevOps. 

In this article, we will highlight all the key aspects to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to find AWS DevOps jobs and work successfully as an AWS DevOps Engineer. 

What Is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a computing platform that offers flexible, cost-effective, and reliable computing solutions. AWS is an extensive, user-friendly computing platform provided by Amazon. The platform is created using a mix of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS services.

DevOps Technology operational tools for production systems.

Software development and IT teams can automate and integrate their processes with the use of a set of methods, tools, and organizational principles called “DevOps”.

DevOps is a mindset that, in its broadest sense, encourages improved interaction and collaboration between groups and other departments within a company. In short, DevOps refers to the use of continuous software development, automation, and programmable infrastructure deployment and management.

What is AWS DevOps?

AWS DevOps is a technology designed to assist businesses to adopt the DevOps principles using the different services, features, and tools made available by this cloud platform. 

Companies can develop and deliver their services more rapidly and consistently with the help of AWS and DevOps. AWS offers a variety of configurable services for this purpose.

AWS DevOps Jobs

There are a lot of AWS DevOps engineer jobs that you can apply for. Listed below are some AWS job positions you can check out:

  • AWS DevOps Certified Architect, 
  • AWS DevOps Lead Engineer, 
  • Senior DevOps engineer
  • Solution Architect, 
  • Software Engineering, 
  • AWS DevOps Engineer,
  • Cloud DevOps and many more.

Among these, the most in-demand position is AWS DevOps Engineers.

Roles And Responsibilities Of A DevOps Engineer

AWS DevOps Engineer jobs to define infrastructure and automating deployment.

A DevOps Engineer is an IT professional who is accountable for organizing and directing the work of various teams to develop and maintain a company’s software.

They place a greater emphasis on monitoring and work on interesting technical challenges. Continuous product monitoring is necessary to find new bugs, repair them, and send the updated version back to the customer. 

They must realize and understand the organization’s need to switch models, the drawbacks of the old model, the advantages of the new model, and other relevant information.

This is carried out to guarantee client pleasure after the product is introduced to the real world. DevOps engineers work in tandem with the development and operations teams to produce top-notch goods as quickly as feasible.

As these DevOps engineers are skilled, and further down the road, they can work in multiple roles such as DevOps leader, DevOps architect, Software developer, Security engineer, Software engineer, Quality Assurance/Experience Assurance, IT Support, and many more.

How Can I Become An AWS DevOps Engineer?

DevOps have high demand in the IT industry. You need to have extensive DevOps knowledge as well as professional job experience to become an AWS DevOps Engineer. All DevOps experts use a variety of tools and technologies, which you need to understand and study.

To put it simply, you must become an expert in AWS before getting all the necessary DevOps knowledge.

Training is the first stage of starting a career with Amazon Web Service. The primary goals of the training are to understand what Amazon Web Service is and how it functions. Following the course, you must pass an exam to receive a certificate, after which you can pursue your goals.

Certification Required For AWS DevOps Engineer

If you are aiming for this role, the AWS DevOps Engineers professional certification is the best choice.

Candidates for the exam should have a minimum of two years’ worth of hands on experience managing, operating, and provisioning AWS infrastructure. 

The test prerequisites focus on the fundamental abilities required to become AWS DevOps specialists.


You should also note that only a certificate will not land you an AWS job. You will need to have relevant skills.

Try and focus on submitting applications for positions where your skills are most closely aligned with the job description. Work on your resume to showcase the talents the employer is looking for in each position you apply for. 

For example, the experience in AWS services and skill requirements will vary depending on whether you are applying for an AWS Engineer position or an AWS Cloud Architect position.

Unfortunately, employers (and particularly recruiters) frequently offer job descriptions with extensive skill requirements that could only be met by a team. Determine the main objective of the job description and make sure your skills line up.

AWS DevOps Engineer Salary

AWS DevOps Engineer Salary.

There isn’t a set payment schedule for employees. The amount varies from one nation to another. 

Additionally, the pay for each job in the organization varies. Amazon promotes success, which is the one aspect of salary that is consistent. Anyone who is eager and persistent and studies Amazon Web Services has a high chance of earning nice pay.

Here is an estimate of how much an AWS DevOps engineer might earn. According to glassdoor, In Canada, the AWS/DevOps Engineer salary average is $92,410. 

An AWS DevOps Engineer in the US makes about $125,000 per year. This salary depends on where you live. For instance, you can earn $130.000 annually in San Francisco. On the other hand, you will receive $115.000 if you are in New York.

An experienced AWS DevOps engineer in the UK earns £65,000 per year (nationwide average). They receive €60.000 in Germany and €50.000 in France. 

How To Find AWS DevOps Jobs?

Many apps, widgets, gadgets, and tools are available to assist you to manage your career and speed up your job hunt. Make use of them to arrange your job hunt and cut down on wasted time.

Visit the top job boards, firm websites, networking sites, niche job sites, and websites organized by job type.

Use advanced search tools to find jobs by entering keywords that relate to your interests, the kind of work you’re searching for, and the area you’d like to work in.

By narrowing down your search, you will receive more relevant job postings to consider and less unwanted job advertising to sift through during your job hunt.

Bottom Line

With the correct learning strategy, you may become one of the in-demand AWS DevOps Engineers. We hope this article helped you in providing useful information on how to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to work successfully as an AWS DevOps Engineer. 

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