Android app development is always at the top compared to other application developing industries. $462B was the total app revenue collected globally in 2019, estimated to reach $936B in 2023.

If you are someone planning to launch your application, hiring an expert Android developer would be your first priority. The competition for Android applications is increasing rapidly. Therefore, it is essential to hire an experienced and skillful Android developer to increase your chances of getting success. But what are the key points to remember while hiring one? 

In this article, we’ll guide you on “Hire an Android Developer – Top 3+3 Priorities” so that you can turn your ideas into reality. 

Android Developers are on high demand due to digital transformation.

Things to Keep in Mind During Hiring Process

Check out these critical points that you must keep in mind during the hiring process: 

Look for a Developer With Numerous Skills

An Android developer must have experience, skills, and good knowledge of developing an app. He should also understand your essential business requirements. Here’s a short list of skills your developer should have for the best outcomes. 

Knowledge of Best Programming Languages

Java and Kotlin are the two most popular programming languages widely used to develop an application. Therefore, developers should have deep knowledge of these languages. 

Use of Firebase (Database) 

Developers prefer Firebase to store data and make it accessible to devices. There should be a database to interact with large amounts of data handled by your app. Your developer should be an expert in using Firebase. 

Knowledge of APIs and Android Studio

Developers use API to link the app with third-party apps or services. Android Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that your developer must have to get supported by a large array of Android SDKs. 

Hire an Android Developer with experience in Publishing 

There are various complex steps that are required to be followed for publishing an app in the play store. If you want your application to be published without any errors and mistakes, make sure you hire a developer that not only has knowledge of publishing applications but also has past experience in publishing. 

If all steps in publishing are not followed correctly, it can lead to various issues in the future. 

Extra tip: Your developer should know the features available on the play store for publishing an app which ultimately leads to more downloads. 

Hire a Developer Who Has His App Published on the Play Store

Android Developer Publish in Play Store.

Don’t forget to assess the previous projects performed by your developing candidate. This will help you get an estimation of their skills and qualifications. 

The work doesn’t end here. It is also essential to see if the developer has published any of their own application in the Play Store. 

By doing this, you’ll get to know that your developer not only does app development for money, but they do it because it’s their passion. Working with developers who are passionate about their job will be very profitable for you and your app. 

Extra tip: Also, check if they are working on more such projects or have updated their app recently. 

Things to Consider After the Hiring Process is Complete

You have to be alert while hiring a developer, but there are a few things that you have to look at even after the hiring process is complete. We’ll look at these points one by one. 

Once you choose and hire a developer, there are a few things that you should check to confirm that you have selected the right developer for your work. 

Check if They are Removing Bug Accurately

Android Developer Removing Bugs Timely.

Check if there are any bugs in the project done by the developer during the trial period. It will give you an estimation of the developer’s potential to find and remove bugs. 

It is a crucial test as the developer has to check for bugs before releasing the app on the play store or before publishing a new version. If your developer is not good at that, your app will be buggy and people won’t download it. There is also a risk of getting negative reviews on the play store. 

Extra tip: Check if your developer knows about the testing libraries provided by Android. It is something that an experienced developer must know. 

Hire a Developer Who Gives Accurate Time Estimation

When you provide your developer with a small task under a trial period, ask him for a time estimation to complete the job. Also, notice whether he finishes the work within the time limit. If not, ask them for a valid reason.

It is essential to get an idea of whether their time estimation is accurate or not by providing small tasks because time estimation for larger tasks is often difficult. Many modifications and adjustments are required to be made for successful application development, which is why time management is important. 

Don’t forget to ask your developer to inform you beforehand if the work is going to take longer, with a satisfactory explanation. 

Hire a Developer Who Updates You, Specially on Important Changes

During the trial period, notice how often your developer is giving you updates on the project. Make sure to ask them for updates daily, weekly, or monthly according to your preference. This way, you’ll stay updated on the project and the developer will also work efficiently knowing they have to give an update. 

It will also affect your and your developer’s coordination and productivity. 

In the End

We hope we were able to give you enough information on how to hire an Android developer. Keep in mind that a developer who is an expert might ask for more salary than an average developer. However, a professional developer will provide you with the best work, launch your app with the highest accuracy, and will give your project a significant chance of success. 

Hiring a developer may seem a little complicated, but considering the points, we have told you will help you hire the best developer. Hiring the best developer can save you time and money. You may seek their help for your future work also.

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