What is a HiPo employee?

The high potential employee, or “HiPo” employee, is a unique individual within any organization who demonstrates strong performance as well as a high propensity to learn and grow. HiPos are often high potentials, meaning they have the ability to take on more expansive roles. This makes them essential to any organization, as they possess managerial abilities that not everyone on the team may have. While all employees are important, HiPos are especially so, as they have the potential to help an organization reach new heights.

High potential employees HiPos productivity

HiPo employees are a great way to increase the value of a business’s resources. Typical employees perform more efficiently with productivity up to 300 times higher. High potential also increases productivity across team members by 5%. HiPo workers are 96% more valuable than non-Hi Po workers. They make an excellent workplace, allow effective succession planning, and improve the quality of work. High performers have a productivity rate of a maximum of 40% over the average employees’ levels. It costs between 40-600% to replace valuable staff.

5 Key Characteristics of HiPo Employees

High potential employees, or ‘HiPos’, are often identified by employers as future leaders and given development opportunities as part of their career planning. But what are the key characteristics of high potential employees? If you have employees with the following characteristics, they may be HiPo employees:

Ability to adapt quickly to new situations

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, the ability to adapt quickly to new situations is essential for success. HiPo employees are usually comfortable with change and thrive under uncertain conditions. They are able to evaluate and prioritize the potential risk and response, create action plans, and take risks based on results. When decisions need to be made, HiPos are accountable and willing to take responsibility for their actions. As the world of work continues to evolve, businesses will need more employees with high potential to step up and lead when needed.

Hungry For Knowledge

HiPo employees are those who are hungry for knowledge and are high performers in their field. HiPos are often able to change quickly and develop people with a willingness to change. HiPos usually have a ‘catalytic ability”. They are able to scan new ideas, cognitive abilities, and analytical capabilities, which are used to analyze the information. This allows them to have a greater understanding of the world around them and how it works. As a result, Hungry For Knowledge is an excellent quality for any HiPo employee to have.

Personal drive for excellence

Proactive and autonomous, HiPo employees are always looking for ways to improve their work. noticing needs before anyone else, they take it upon themselves to correct the problem. This team has excellent emotional intelligence, being able to remain calm and collected under pressure. They work well with others and are able to maintain a high level of productivity. always putting their best foot forward, this team has extremely high standards and expects nothing less than perfection from themselves. They adhere to a strong code of ethics, always behaving in a manner that is professional and respectful. HiPo is an excellent example of what it means to have a strong personal drive for excellence.

Deliver tangible and consistent results

Trust and respect are two of the most important things that any employee can earn from their employer. And when it comes to HiPos, they consistently deliver results that exceed expectations. They are true high performers. This not only benefits the organization as a whole but also helps to create a positive company culture. As a company, it is important to deliver tangible and consistent results. HiPo employees have proven time and again that they are more than up to the task. They take responsibility very seriously and always deliver on their promises.

They understand the value of leadership

HiPo employees are an important asset to any organization. They possess the leadership skills and potential to take on management roles in the future. By investing in their development, organizations can ensure that they have a strong and engaged workforce at all levels. HiPos often have a high level of drive and are committed to their own development. They appreciate advice from mentors and are always looking for ways to improve their leadership skills. By providing opportunities for growth and development, organizations can retain their best talent and ensure a bright future for their business.

Clues to help identify high potential employees

While there are a number of ways to identify HiPos, the following three tips are some of the most effective:

They are curious

Great employees are always curious about how they can help their company grow. They want to know the latest business strategies and how they can apply them to their work. They also want to understand the business process and how their role fits into the bigger picture. As an employer, it’s your job to help these high-potential employees find the resources they need to continue learning and growing. Give them access to mentors and leaders who can share their wisdom and experience. And encourage them to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and think creatively about ways to improve the company. By fostering a culture of curiosity, you’ll create an environment where great ideas can thrive.

They are vocal about career aspirations

High potential employees, HiPo are vocal when it comes to their future plans and they have goals to pursue. They are usually focused on a certain purpose and utilize mentors to help them achieve their goals. HiPos understand the objectives of the business and work to grow and maintain them in the long term.

They are interested in where the company is going

High potential employees HiPo are always interested in the growth of the company and where it is headed in the future in terms of strategy. They are consistently high performers and have a lot of talent to offer. HiPos want to be part of a company that is moving forward and making positive changes. They are focused on delivering high-quality products and services to customers and always look for ways to improve.

They don’t buckle under pressure

This group is eager for whatever is coming. When the heat is on their hands, the employees never lose their calm. They are always aware of what is upcoming and they are able to plan things out so that they can be best prepared. Despite tough circumstances they are calm. Some are even well adapted to stressful situations—something that leaders need today. Their leadership skills under pressure are something that is to be commended and looked up to.

They take initiative

Being eager and taking initiative are some of the most important skills an employee can have. Those who are eager to get started on programs and take initiative to see it through are often the most successful. This is because they are more likely to come up with new ideas and be open to brainstorming.

They work well autonomously

You’ll know that they’ll be able to do their work effectively without the need for monitoring. HiPos enjoy the freedom to work as they have greater flexibility to handle their tasks and schedules. Their productivity is less dependent upon guidance and their success is enhanced by their absence of micromanagement.

They contribute to the positivity of the workplace

HiPo employees help to create a positive and collaborative environment, which can be essential for teamwork and success. Peers who are positive and upbeat are more likely to be supportive and helpful, making it easier for everyone to achieve their goals. Additionally, positive people tend to be more enthusiastic and motivated, which can rub off on others and lead to increased productivity.

They jump on leadership opportunities

If there is an opportunity to solve problems, high-tech employees may want to take a role on board. HiPo employees look for growth opportunities and usually don’t fear new things. HiPos is determined to become an enduring leader. They see the new role in the project as a stepping stone. When groups develop or you cannot do anything alone, top talent is quick volunteering in leadership roles.

They take on responsibilities outside of their job description

They have no job limiting the things they are assigned in a Job Description. Often these employees are eager to take on more responsibility. HiPos see new responsibilities as an opportunity to develop new skills that they may no longer have. They are therefore less scared of risk but rather motivated by rewards.

They can accept not always being right

Even the cleverest humans have their faults at times. Your star players know that and are therefore ready to negotiate and abandon them. If they realize that another person had a better idea, they would support that.

They get better at their job with constructive feedback

HiPo employees benefit from constructive feedback. When they receive senior leadership advice, they try to improve. They are willing to listen to criticism and use it to improve their performance.

They’re good at what they do

Research by Gartner has shown talent can provide 91 % greater value. Compared to peers, these people also exert an average of 21% greater effort. The numbers tell the whole story. Highly talented workers are exceptionally skilled in producing consistently good work. You can also monitor the performance of the employees to give an accurate picture of their career path.

They recognize their coworkers’ hard work

HiPo employees recognize and appreciate their colleagues and show an interest in bettering the company. Throughout the year the employees thank their colleagues and ensure that excellent results will never be forgotten.

They have friends in the office

Remember that HiPos generally exhibit positive attitudes when expressing gratitude to others. This is the reason the employees tend not to interact badly with other people in the company. They can improve relationships and reduce turnover within your business.

They want to be recognized

They are also very keen on recognition. But it wasn’t just based on their efforts. HiPo employees hope that you see their possibilities. Studies show that high potential workers who have no formal recognition are unlikely to be recognized as potential leaders in an organization.

Maximizing, Motivating, And Retaining High Performers And High Potential employees

Any organization wants to keep its best and brightest employees motivated and engaged. Losing key personnel to attrition can be detrimental, setting a company back significantly. The following are five best practices for maximizing, motivating, and retaining high performers and high potential employees HiPos:

1. Training – By providing training opportunities, you show that you are invested in their development and growth. This will help to keep them engaged and motivated.

2. Recognition – Recognizing their contributions will show that you value their work and appreciate their efforts. This will help to keep them engaged and motivated.

3. Career Path – Showing them a clear career path will help them to see the potential for advancement within the organization. This will help to keep them engaged and motivated.

4. Exposure – Giving them exposure to different aspects of the business will help them to see the bigger picture and understand how their work fits into the overall goal of the organization. This will help to keep them engaged and motivated.

5. Retention – Offering retention bonuses or other incentives will help to retain high potential employees from leaving the organization.

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