Part time jobs working from home have been growing rapidly since 2020. This was not just the case of individuals, but by employers who recognized the value. It was possible to develop a role that allows workers to work off the grid as they work from anywhere. 16% of workers globally work remotely. It is predicted to increase to 31% in the coming few years. Both employers and staff realize it does not matter where you are in the same geographical location as your office or even in the same time zone. Gartner Survey Reveals 82% of company leaders plan to allow employees to work remotely some of the time.

Gartner survey with employers letting employees work remote from home

Part time working from home jobs can help to bring in some additional income, which can be helpful in many ways. Perhaps you need to help make ends meet or maybe you want to have a little extra spending money. Either way, finding part time jobs working from home can be beneficial.

The good news is that many employers seem to be embracing remote work as a permanent option for their staff. But what if you only want to work part time? Fortunately, you can work many part time jobs from home.

The benefit of jobs working from home

There are a number of benefits to working from home, regardless of your employer’s location. For example, when you work from home:

  • You can avoid traffic and save on commuting costs.
  • You can make your own time and work the days that fit your schedule.
  • You have more flexibility to take care of personal matters during the workday.
  • You can reduce your stress levels and improve your work-life balance.

These are just a few of the many benefits that come with working from home. If you’re looking for a part-time job that allows you to telecommute, be sure to explore the options below.

There are plenty of job postings for part time jobs working from home jobs that pay well. This makes it easier for people to find a job that is a good fit for their needs.

Part time jobs working from home Overview

Technology for working from home existed for many years and the epidemic in covidiv19 accelerates the shift to remote work. More employers have begun offering online jobs if employees want the flexibility to adjust to changes at work, and fewer people prefer to do it in a virtual environment. As technology advances, part time employment from home will become increasingly popular, attracting a broad range of job seekers. Choosing to work from home part time may be the best choice in the future. The esthetic is also flexible in terms of comfort and mobility, reduced transport costs and decreased stress levels.

Job search for part time jobs working from home.

Top full time/ part time jobs working from home

Working from home can be a great way to make some extra money, and there is plenty of part time jobs working from home that pay well. Here are 14 jobs that offer good pay, flexible hours, and the ability to work from anywhere.

Top 14 part time jobs working from home

Data Entry job

This is one of the most common work from home jobs, and it’s no wonder why. Data entry is simple, mindless work that can be done easily from the comfort of your own home. And, depending on the company you work for, you may be able to do it on a part-time basis.

Virtual Assistant job

A virtual assistant works in all aspects of arranging meetings and researching. Some positions concentrate largely on administrative tasks such as archiving schedules and invoices. Positions are paid an average of $15 an hour and can be worth as many as $20 an hour if you have good communications skills. Virtual assistants typically communicate directly with multiple customers.

Captioner job

Captioner translators transcribe recordings, audio, or video; this skill is critical in this job. You also could sign up to watch live TV shows, but many people doing so also work at courts. Captioners average $14 per hour. You can join organizations like Rev. & Upwork or look for job opening opportunities for particular companies such as Caption Media Group or CaptionMax.

Marketing Consultant job

When you are experienced in digital marketing, you can assist companies with coordinating marketing strategies through social media, email, search optimization, or other techniques. Payment is usually around $14 to $122 an hour depending upon your prior experience or track record as a marketer.

Content Writer job

Content writing is a great way to make some extra money without having to commit to a full-time job. There are a variety of different writing gigs you can do, from blog posts to eBooks to white papers. And, if you’re good at it, you can land some high-paying clients.

Jobs for Social Media Manager

Social media management is another great option for anyone looking for full-time/part-time work from home. As a social media manager, you would be responsible for managing the social media accounts of a company or clients. This can include creating and publishing content, responding to comments and messages, and tracking analytics.

Graphic Designer job

If you’re a graphic designer, there are plenty of full-time/part-time work-from-home jobs that you can do. You could work for a design agency, create graphics for a company’s social media accounts, or design logos and other branding materials.

Software Developer/ Designer job

Web developers and designers are always in high demand, and there is plenty of part-time/full-time work from home jobs in this field. You could work for a web development company, help build and design websites, or create WordPress themes.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO Specialist job

SEO specialist involves helping businesses improve their search engine ranking so that they can get more traffic to their website. It’s a great way to use your skills to help others, and the pay is typically quite good.

Event Planner job

Event planners are always needed for everything from weddings to corporate events. And if you have event planning experience, there are plenty of part-time work from home jobs available. You could work for an event planning company, or you could start your own business.

Online Educator job

Online educators are similar to traditional teachers providing lessons for specific topics and developing lesson plans. This position is an ideal job for someone with an education and specific skill e.g. fluency in the foreign language. Your teacher will teach classes through online platforms, e.g. Zoom or Google Meeting. Postings cover all disciplines including Kindergarten and 12th grade. Most jobs are 25-hours and you could earn between $200 and $300 a week for a personal training or continuing education session.

Jobs for Customer Care or Member Service Representatives

Customers are contacted through their Customer Care Representative who answers the questions and resolves their problems by telephone. Most experienced reps average about 15 hrs and those with more experience average $14 / hour. Those positions have a smaller range of flexibility than most work-from-home jobs. If you work shifts between 8 p.m. and 5 p.m., you’d have to remain on call all the time. Find flexible Customer Support Jobs for employees at Musee Online!

Online Therapist jobs

Online therapy provides mental wellness support through digital channels including videoconferencing, telephone conversations, and texting. You must also have a Masters in Psychological Sciences in Social Work and a free internet license – this will require an upfront investment. However, the demand is growing for medical technology to connect patients with health care workers. Online therapy makes around $15-40 per month.

Transcriptionist jobs

Transcriptionists read voice recordings and write the transcriptions. Medical and law departments use transcriptionists to copy dictated notes written by physicians and legal professionals. The firm generally needs to know medical terminology or other legal jargon. Jobs for beginners usually earn about $13 an hour, although experienced transcriptionists generally make approximately $20 an hour.

Top companies hiring part-time, remote work (part-time jobs, work from home)

The below hiring companies are based on data from more than 50,000 companies that were analyzed from the Flexjob database. The firms often offer full-time jobs that may either be partly or completely remote work from home. In the analysis, the job required less than 30 hours of work per week. Achieve Testing Preparation is a professional academic organization offering college-education coaching for college students as well as adults.


Offers a digital marketplace for home improvement professionals that connects thousands of consumers.

Birch Creek Communications

Specializes in providing live, remote customer service and technical support for several industries.

Blue Zebra

Appointment Setting hires work from home appointment setters to make outbound sales calls.

BroadPath Healthcare Solutions

Provides business process outsourcing services for the health care industry.

Cambium Learning Group

A leading educational solutions company that helps students learn at their own pace through digital content and personalized instruction.


Provides customer management services across voice, chat, social media and email channels.


Provides technology products and services worldwide with an emphasis on small businesses and education customers.

DISH Network

A satellite television provider offering pay-TV programming in the United States as well as internationally.

English Language Tutor

A website connecting qualified ESL tutors with students who want to learn English.

Kelly Services

A staffing solutions company that connects talented people with companies looking for temporary, contract and permanent employees.


Provides translation, localization and globalization services to business clients worldwide.


Works with many of the world’s top brands and organizations to deliver customer service solutions that improve customer experience and increase sales.


A leading fashion retailer offering clothing, shoes, cosmetics, accessories and more for women, men and children.


Provides transcription, captioning and video editing services for businesses and individual customers around the globe.

Sutherland Global Services

Provides business process outsourcing (BPO) services such as contact center operations, technology integration, back-office processes and consulting across six continents.

SYKES Enterprises

Provides customer management solutions to businesses and governments around the world.


Provides customer experience, engagement and growth solutions for small to large global companies.


A technology leader that innovates the way the world communicates, connects and works.

The above companies offer part-time work from home jobs that pay well. If you are looking for a part-time job that you can do from home, then one of these companies may be a good fit for you. To learn more about each company, simply click on the company name to visit their website.

Update your resume

Your resume and cover letter must be tailored according to the position you want, as well as the unique experience that is brought in. It can seem overwhelming not knowing the process of creating the resume, so Monster offers dozens more resources to help with your resume writing skills. Okay, I completed my resume. We have the cover letter. You have the opportunity to shine and give the prospective employer a good sense of your abilities and qualities.

Interviewing for a part-time job working from home

How should one prepare for a job interview? Same as with full-time positions! Our job interview guide is helpful to you. You should be able to demonstrate confidence and competency in your interviews by conducting some research about your company and a good Video Interview Setup.

A few quick tips for landing a work-from-home job

In a rapidly changing market, the application process becomes competitive for people looking for flexible time or positions. Online scams can be very lucrative but you should be careful.

There are a few different ways to search for full-time or part-time work from home jobs. You can use job search engines like Indeed or Monster, or you can check out job boards specifically for remote work and flexible work like FlexJobs. You can also try searching social media sites like LinkedIn or Twitter using hashtags like #workfromhome or #telecommute.

Another option is to directly search for companies that offer remote work or flexible work opportunities. Some companies that come to mind include Amazon, American Express, Apple, Dell, and IBM. You can also check out this list of 100 companies with flexible work options compiled by Forbes.

There are plenty of opportunities for people who want to work from home on a part-time basis. Whether you’re looking for something that can be done remotely or you want the flexibility to set your own hours, there’s sure to be something that fits your needs. And, with so many options available, there’s no reason not to give it a try! Do some research and see what kinds of part-time work from home jobs are out there. You may be surprised at just how many options are available to you.

When you’re looking for part-time work-from-home jobs, it’s important to find something that fits your schedule and pays well. That’s why using job boards can be so helpful. You can search for jobs that are specifically part-time, which makes finding the right one much easier. Plus, you can often find jobs that pay better than traditional full-time positions.

Search terms like “part-time jobs work from home,” you’ll get over 20 million search results on Google. It can be overwhelming to try to figure out which ones are legitimate and worth your time. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and found the best part-time work from home jobs that pay well.

Job alert is an excellent feature in job boards that notifies you when new jobs that match your criteria are posted. This way, you can easily apply to the jobs that interest you the most.

How much does working from home pay?

Before settling down for work, learn how much you should take home. You can find out the salary you are paid in this salary guide.

When entering your job titles and location, the job description is shown with the median salary. The site also contains links to articles that are helpful in the areas of negotiation a salary like a pro. How do you get more details about companies that interest you the most? Before signing the offer letter, you should understand all of the business that your potential employer offers. What other ways do companies find value in their values and culture? The profile of the company will help you with information.

What do remote workers need to be ready for remote work?

There are a few things you need to be ready for before working from home. The first is having the right equipment.

You’ll need a computer with good internet access, as well as any software or tools you might need for the job. You’ll also want to make sure your workspace is organized and comfortable, so you can focus on your work. It depends on your work, you may need a phone.

Finally, it’s important to set boundaries between your work and personal life, so you don’t get overwhelmed by work responsibilities. By preparing yourself mentally and physically for working from home, you can ensure that you’re productive and successful in your new role.

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