Not all government jobs are the same when it comes to the demand and salary in the capital of the UAE. So, if you want some help finding the best government job for you in the capital, here are the top 7 in-demand government jobs in Abu Dhabi to proudly become a part of the government! 

Working for the government is a dream for many, especially for the government of one of the best places on earth to work, live the United Arab Emirates. Luckily, the UAE allows foreign nationals to work in government-related fields in Abu Dhabi and other cities. Both the federal and state governments hire foreign nationals to work in their bureaucratic offices and deliver different public services, which means more job opportunities to be a part of the UAE government!

Working for the UAE government does not only mean living in one of the best countries in terms of quality of life, but also means more job security, generous compensation, retirement pensions, and other tempting benefits that never fail to lure people into government jobs.

Masdar City , A government organization in Abu Dhabi

Logistics Assistant

  • What you’re expected to do: Efficiently and quickly complete assigned work,  complete invoices for customers, complete purchase orders, assist with implementing new processes, prepare reports, verify inventory information, organize and store tools and material in an orderly and safe manner, and assist with other administrative responsibilities when required. 
  • Required skills and experience: Associate degree in supply chain management, logistics, or a related area, attention to detail, previous experience in shipping and receiving items, and acceptable computer and organizational skills.

Mechanical Engineer

  • What you’re expected to do: the ability to analyze problems to determine how thermal and mechanical devices can solve these problems, make virtual simulations and physical prototypes before you proceed to product creation, use computer-aided tools to redesign and design thermal and mechanical devices, and look into equipment failures.
  • Required skills and experience: A bachelor’s degree in either mechanical engineering technology or mechanical engineering, ability to work in a team,  excellent problem-solving skills, good communication skills, and commercial awareness.

Executive Administrative Assistance

  • What you’re expected to do: Providing administrative assistance (eg., drafting memos, preparing communications on behalf of the executive, and writing and editing emails), organize meetings, welcome visitors, and identify the purpose of their visit to direct them to the suitable department, answer phone calls politely and professionally, maintain accurate and comprehensive records, perform some accounting duties, and manage the executive’s calendar
  • Required skills and experience: Strong time management, the ability to meet urgent deadlines, verbal and written communication skills, organizational skills, multitasking skills, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving skills.


  • What you’re expected to do: Help doctors and supervisors with patients, collect and interpret patient information, administer treatment to patients, perform exams, and contact patients regarding upcoming appointments or tests.
  • Required skills and experience: Ability to work on your feet for an extended period of time,  ability to work in stressful situations, proficiency in medical software, empathy and patience, and good communication skills. 


  • What you’re expected to do: Create lesson plans, instruct students in an efficient way, communicate well with students and build good relationships with them, explain complex ideas simply and clearly, listen carefully to the different questions of students and give clear answers to them, and monitor student grades and attendance.
  • Required skills and experience: A bachelor’s degree or a four-year university degree or higher in the relevant area, a basic understanding of psychology, excellent public speaking and oral presentation skills, strong time management skills, and excellent leadership skills.


Firefighter at a site in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • What you’re expected to do: Prevent and extinguish fires to protect people, property, and the environment, analyze dangerous situations and think quickly of practical solutions, provide suitable medical care in emergency situations, teach and participate in training classes, and perform general maintenance on firefighting tools.
  • Required skills and experience: Certification from a reputable certification board like the International Fire Service Accreditation, high school education or equivalent, and administration and leadership skills.


  • What you’re expected to do: Manage incoming payments, document the financial transactions of the institution, deposit received funds, write outgoing cheques, manage formal reports, oversee and approve financial plans, protect the funds against any misuse by any individuals, and ensure adherence to the yearly financial budget. 
  • Required skills and experience: Previous experience using different approaches to manage finances, ability to understand complex financial topics, excellent time management skills, excellent organizational skills, great visual and verbal financial reporting skills, good understanding of software tools that are employed by the committee, and good understanding of finance and budget planning. 

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