Does your company need a finance professional? There are many job seekers out there. Recruiting a finance professional is finding and hiring the right candidates in the finance and accounting industry. Filling a finance professional position can be difficult. In this article, we will discuss finance recruiting and services.

Finance Recruitment

Financial recruiting agencies have gone through many changes and are the leaders in innovation. Finance recruiters can do a number of things to attract up-to-date candidates and improve their recruitment model. This includes creating an employer brand that is more appealing, only applying new recruitment techniques, influencing employee referrals, and matching requirements against skillset.

Finance Recruitment in action: Recruiter interviewing candidate

Finance Recruitment: 7 Helpful Ways to Fill your Vacancies

It is essential for companies to enhance their hiring efforts if they want to attract the right prospects. Companies must also be able to identify and hire talent within the affordable market. There are several ways to help you in finance recruitment.

Use your current leading employees

Current employees can help you find and discover potential new hires. They can also identify top staff members. As you consider your current employees, think about what makes them great and apply these traits to prospective financial professional hires. You should also ask your current employees for references and about potential hires.

Carefully outsource recruiting

Outsourcing your recruiting may be a good option for your company. There are many experienced recruitment agencies that can help you find and hire the best financial professional. Recruiting agencies will have already vetted the candidates and developed a connection with them.

Implement the inclusive principles of recruitment

There is a need to improve when it comes to hiring a diverse group. Therefore you should write inclusive job ads and descriptions that will help you recruit a more diverse group of candidates. Also, using blind hiring principles to exclude unconscious human bias will also help you find a more diverse group.

Connect through social media and email

There are so many social media platforms and digital options for connecting with prospective hires. Getting in touch with someone via email is an easy way to connect. Also, interacting on social media by answering comments or questions is another way to make connections. Some people will not make the cut. However, you can still use social media and email to stay in touch about other open positions.

Start an employee referral program

Staff member referrals are an excellent way to find and recruit new talent. Many businesses use staff referrals as their primary way of recruiting. This recruiting method is particularly effective among younger generations. Because this is such an effective way of recruiting, consider starting a referral program. Rewarding current employees for their recommendations should bring many great prospects. This method will reduce hiring costs since you’re not spending your resources on outsourcing.

Give the applicant an on-the-job scenario

Providing the applicant with on-the-job scenario opportunities will give you insight into how they may handle a particular situation before it actually happens. For instance, you can ask them how they might handle an angry customer call over a billing issue. This information will help you see whether their response fits in with the expectations of your department and the culture of your company.

Conduct a skill-based assessment to find the right talent

You don’t want to just hire someone who looks good on paper. In order to avoid this, companies are now creating a skill-based assessment to assess and hire the best talent. This method will decrease the number of wrong hires for a finance position. Some examples of skills tests include STEM tests, coding tests, typing tests, and essay and grammar tests.

Diversity Is Important

Diversity is key when looking for finance recruitment. You want your company to be well-rounded. Hiring people of various genders, races, and beliefs is one way to accomplish this. Also, hiring diverse people with different skills, experience, and education will also benefit your company.

What Are the Key Finance Recruiting Challenges?

Every industry has its challenges. Technology is always changing. When it comes to financial recruiting you must find people with niche skills because of competition from financial technology companies and other sectors. This makes finding a financial professional difficult.

Shortage of suitable candidates

The top challenge in recruiting financial professionals is the lack of suitable applicants. The best candidates are in short supply in financial recruiting. Because of this, it is difficult to find the right person to fill the position. It is even more difficult to keep financial professionals.

Lacking the right specialty skills

Companies are looking for finance professionals who don’t just crunch numbers. It is important for companies to recruit and hire financial professionals with specialized skills. Companies want to hire a person who will meet their needs. There is a shortage of financial professionals which makes them difficult to find and hire.

Intense competition for talent

Most likely your company is competing with other companies as you look to find a financial professional. This is mainly because, currently, most young recruits prefer to work in the tech industry. You are now competing against different companies across multiple industries. This is just one more reason finding a financial professional is difficult.

Increasing digital transformation

As we’ve already said, technology is changing rapidly. This changes the financial services industry. The change in technology also affects what companies are looking for in a new financial professional hire. This is an added challenge for financial recruiters.

Recruiting millennials

Recruiting and attracting a younger generation as finance professionals is another challenge. To meet this challenge, recruiters need to have an attractive employee brand, apply recruitment showcase strategies, and influence employee referrals.


Finally, whether you’re looking to hire a bookkeeper, accountant, or chief financial officer, recruiting the right financial professionals are key to any company. Like with anything finance recruitment has its benefits and challenges. Although the process may be tedious, in the end, it will be worth it.

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