IT project management is a rapidly growing career choice among job seekers. In fact, recent statistics have shown that the number of IT project manager jobs in the USA is expected to go beyond 500,000 by 2032. Working as an IT project manager, candidates are expected to oversee the planning and execution of an organization’s IT initiatives. 

An IT project manager is responsible for ensuring IT projects align with company objectives and result in strategic growth. Numerous companies are looking for an IT project manager. However, there are certain qualifications candidates must have to succeed in these professions. 

How To Become An IT Project Manager?

IT Project Manager jobs require following up on delivery schedule

Becoming an IT project manager often requires having technical and interpersonal skills. Although a professional background in the tech industry is necessary, companies often require candidates to have effective communication and management skills. 

The academic requirement for an IT project manager includes having a background in computer sciences or other related disciplines. Companies require candidates to have project management or Scrum certifications as well. In addition, candidates should have knowledge of Agile and Scrum project management. 

7 Best Companies Offering IT Project Manager Jobs 

Several companies are hiring IT project managers. However, candidates need to understand the job description and job type before they apply. These can be either full-time, part-time, or remote. Some of the best companies offering IT project manager jobs include: 

Booz Allen Hamilton 

Booz Allen Hamilton is a consulting company that works in engineering, digital solution, cyber security, and other industries. Working as an IT manager, candidates are required to manage project delivery of advanced digital solutions. Job seekers can expect to use Agile project management to develop project roadmaps, milestones, and objectives.

In addition, candidates are expected to implement various monitoring metrics and track project progress. The organization requires candidates to have one or more years of experience in leading projects and client management. Job seekers applying for this role need to have a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Scrum Master certification and can expect to earn a salary of around $80,000 to $115,000 per year.

Charles Schwab

The Charles Schwab Corporation is a multinational financial services company that offers banking, brokerage, and personal and commercial financial advisory services. As an IT project manager at Charles Schwab, candidates are required to lead cross-functional strategic initiatives. These candidates are responsible for systems integration, application development, and infrastructural upgrades. 

Employers at the organization require candidates must have more than six years of experience managing cross-functional projects in technical environments. Along with understanding Agile and Scrum methodologies, hiring managers require candidates to have a PMP and knowledge of Jira or Confluence. Working at Charles Schwab as an IT project manager, job seekers can expect to earn a salary of around $150,000 per year.


Shell is a public-limited large-scale oil and gas company. As an IT project manager, candidates are expected to analyze and assess trends threatening the project scope, cost, or quality. In addition, these candidates must communicate with internal and external stakeholders or clients and develop change and engagement plans to increase benefits.

Hiring managers require candidates to have an academic background in IT or other related disciplines and a minimum of 12 years of work experience. In addition, candidates must be proficient with cloud, mobile, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies. Employers looking for an IT project manager at Shell are willing to pay an average salary of $174,000 per year. 

Home Depot 

Home Depot is a retail corporation that sells home improvement and construction products, appliances, and services. The employer often requires candidates to lead the planning and execution of project delivery. In addition, the individual is expected to play a leadership role within a team and is tasked with client or stakeholder communication.

These candidates must be senior professionals who can create performance reports to measure the budget and operations of a project. In addition to a relevant degree, hiring managers require that candidates be comfortable with implementing and using MS Project, Jira, and other tools. When candidates apply for this job, they can expect it to pay around $180,000 annually if they succeed.

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is a consumer goods organization that focuses on developing personal care and hygiene products. As a project manager at P&G, candidates must lead team members to deliver projects that create value. The employer requires candidates to learn various methods to manage team members and projects to increase efficiency and speed within deadlines. 

In addition, the employer requires candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences, business management, or other related disciplines and up to three years of experience. Working as an IT project manager at P&G, candidates can earn around $164,000 per year.


Flex is a Fortune global 500 company and works with brands to help them deliver innovative products. Responsibilities of an IT project manager at Flex include providing IT support and maintenance. Candidates must use available resources to analyze and approve budgets and schedules for systems development. 

In addition, they are responsible for managing relationships with service providers of outsourced infrastructure. To succeed in the job application process, job seekers must have a computer science academic background and up to six years of experience. While working as an IT project manager, candidates can have a market-competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits program.

General Motors

General Motors is an industry leader in automobile manufacturing. As a project manager, candidates are expected to be involved in various aspects of the organization. Candidates are required to create project plans and schedule software development projects. In addition, they will also create the project charter and define goals and deliverables. 

The job has multiple requirements, such as five years of experience and an academic background in technical fields. As an IT project manager at GM, candidates can expect to earn around $155,000 annually.


Becoming an IT project manager requires job seekers to have applicable technical knowledge and communication skills. The exact requirements for getting a job as an IT project manager vary among companies.

However, candidates are required to have project management certification and considerable work experience. Some of the best companies that offer IT project manager jobs include Booz Allen Hamilton, Shell, and P&G.

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