It can be pretty challenging for someone to find employment or employees in the ever-progressing and fast-paced New York City. This is why people entrust tech staffing agencies with recruiting for a hassle-free hiring process!

If you are looking for a tech job or a recruiter looking to hire tech talent, this article is for you. Here are our five top picks among the best tech recruiters NYC. Let’s begin.

5 Top Tech Recruiters NYC

Some say New York City is one of the largest tech hubs, second only to Silicon Valley. According to the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, information technology jobs are projected to grow by 13% in the next decade, with more than 667,600 new jobs.

It is tiresome for job seekers to look for jobs that suit their profiles. Similarly, companies spend a lot of time and money on the hiring process. Recruiting and staffing agencies make this process a lot easier.

They have a network of top companies and local startups needing technical talent and a pool of pre-screened candidates with varying backgrounds and experience.

Here are some of New York City’s finest staffing agencies that are worth investing in:

1. Clutch Talent

Best 5 Tech Recruiters NYC.

Clutch Talent is located in Midtown, NYC. It is a women-owned business, and one of the best things about Clutch is that they are actively bringing female engineers forward and finding companies with the right environment for them.

With only 5% of senior software engineers at NYC tech companies being female, Clutch Talent’s mission is to bridge this gap by emphasizing supporting female engineers.

Key points:

  • Clutch technical staffing agency represents job seekers, does technical recruiting, and offers strategic consulting.
  • Job search is easier as technical professionals receive resume reviews by industry experts, interview coaching, and are guided through salary negotiation.
  • The recruiters are highly skilled and have in-depth knowledge of NYC trends.
  • Clutch has an 8-year track record of diversity recruiting and seeks the perfect employer for engineers with underrepresented backgrounds.

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2. Robert Half

Robert Half - Tech Recruiters in NYC

Founded over 70 years ago, Robert Half has become one of the most sustainable tech recruiting companies in the United States, specializing in eight areas, including technology and human resources. It is also the world’s largest staffing agency, with over 400 locations across the globe.

Robert Half is committed to education, professional development, environmental stewardship, and diversity. Because of their various alliances with trade associations, this is the best place to hire and get hired.

Key points:

  • Robert Half does not ask job seekers to pay for their staffing services. Candidates can easily search for jobs and apply through their free mobile app.
  • Employers will be charged a fee to find talent, but they will find highly skilled employees and end up saving time and money.
  • Job seekers can also benefit from Robert Half’s online training program, with over 8,000 courses in different skills, such as IT, business, etc.
  • Candidates can opt for remote or on-site roles.
  • They also provide secure virtual workspaces and loan devices to make the transition from on-site to remote jobs easier.

3. Motion Recruitment

Motion Recruitment - IT Recruiters NYC

Motion Recruitment has been providing staffing solutions since 1989. They have become an expert recruiter firm in highly sought-after skills such as AI, network security, UI/UX, data analytics, mobile development, etc.

The two sister companies, Workbridge and Jobspring, have merged into Motion Recruitment to improve their network capabilities and market specialization. With over 70 specialized teams, Motion aims to deliver swiftly and build sustainable partnerships.

Key points:

  • Motion Recruitment created the largest tech networking event series in North America called “Tech in Motion” to bring together the greatest tech minds to share ideas and inspire.
  • The company actively raises funds and volunteers to help non-profit and charitable organizations.
  • Each Motion team has expertise in one tech sector, such as software, mobile, data, infrastructure, product and UX, cybersecurity, etc., to build valuable networks in the relevant marketplace.
  • Motion recruiting firm has an offer acceptance rate of 92 percent, with a “World Class” candidate NPS ranking of 82.

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4. Built In NYC

Information Technology Recruiters in US

Built In NYC has worked with various companies like Etsy, CB Insights, etc. It is an online community with a pool of over 89,000 tech job seekers, who are promptly connected to tech startups and companies via a series of events.

The recruiting programs and operations manager at Flatiron Health says, “The staff at Built In are proactive and committed to connecting us with peers in tech.” Job seekers and employers can opt for local, remote, or national recruitment options.

Key points:

  • Built In sees over 256,000 users every month, 90 percent of which engage every week for new job postings. There are over 6,500 daily job searches.
  • Employers can choose from standard or premium staffing services for hiring talent, with which they will get unlimited job listings, featured job placements, and much more!
  • Employers can build their brand and put their company on the map with custom editorial and video content from Built In. 

5. Edison & Black

IT Recruitment Consulting firms NYC - New York, US.

Strategic recruitment can be difficult, especially in the tech sector, where there are so many qualified candidates. This is where the skilled tech recruiters of Edison & Black come in, where they strive to connect companies with the best talent swiftly.

The candidates are thoroughly screened and vetted during interviews with the recruiters. The IT staffing agency has worked with some of the greatest tech giants such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Tencent, Cisco, etc.

Key points:

  • Edison & Black provides personalized recruiting and consulting to candidates, including resume building and improving interview skills, to fill roles faster.
  • They are a cloud consulting firm that provides the best cloud service, implementation, and support.
  • They will take the time to understand your skills and needs and only match you with companies suited to your interests.

Final Word

If you are looking for a job in the tech sector or want to recruit talent for your startup or company, you cannot go wrong with tech recruiting firms. These firms have a vast network of companies and candidates, and their experienced recruiters will help you find your perfect match!

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