In terms of job markets, Dubai is becoming very popular. This Emirate offers a unique blend of economic, social, and geographic features.

In this article, we will discuss the best 5 graphic designer jobs in Dubai. If you are a graphic designer and interested in a rewarding job in Dubai, keep on reading till the end.

The latest International Labor Organization (ILO) report indicates that most future careers will indirectly or directly be related to technology. Art and design jobs are some of the oldest professions, but these will also become technology-dependent in the future. 

Whether you enjoy making sketches or want to design your own products, you can do it more efficiently through the power of technology. 

The future of graphic design is bright and promising, but the important thing is that you know which niche you are specializing in, you are competent in the skills required for that line of work, and you know where you can get the most rewarding jobs in your industry. 

Top 5 Graphic Designer Jobs in Dubai To Explore

Graphic designer working on his website design project

Graphic Design is a very broad field. If you want to make good money in this profession, you need to niche down into something you truly enjoy doing and that you’re quite good at. 

Here are some of the most profitable branches of graphic design. 

Photo And Video Editors 

As you have probably noticed, videos and pictures are getting extremely popular. Whether you’re an individual freelance editor or an established business, you need to have the right graphical content to gain traction with the modern audience. 

Businesses are hiring photo and video editors to work on various digital assets that they have. Both these fields are quite different from each other, but the focus is on getting stock footage and then improving it through editing. 

If this is something you enjoy doing, this could be a fantastic career in the future! 

Apparel Designers

Apparel designers work specifically with clothing, footwear, babywear, ladies’ wear, and various other garments-related businesses. Their job is to design graphics that will be screen printed onto different kinds of clothing. 

This is a job that requires in-depth knowledge of not only graphic design but also marketing.

As apparel designers are usually restricted to using 8 colors or less, this can be challenging to make something creative. 

They are often also confined to creating a design of a certain size or on a certain part of the clothing, making it more challenging to make a design that is visually appealing and drives the kind of value that the client wants. 

Marketing Designers

These designers use a mix of graphic design, photography, videography, and print design to create designs that help make marketing material perform better. 

There is a big component of marketing in this field of work, and it requires the designers to also have a good understanding of the audience that they are designing things for. 

They will use their design knowledge and customer knowledge to produce things that stand out and get customers to buy their products or services. 

Web Designers

Web designers focus on websites and other online assets. Things like website layouts, banners, favicons, menus, and the overall layout of the digital space are managed by web designers. 

Most web designers will focus on working on the website of their employer. This requires a solid understanding of common CMS platforms such as WordPress as well as some related languages such as CSS, HTML5, and ASP.Net. 

While the design part is important, it also requires a decent amount of technical skills to be able to design assets—so this is a great fit for people coming from coding backgrounds but who want to branch out into a more creative avenue. 

Art Directors

Art designer working on laptop on design project

This is usually the most senior creative role in an organization. 

As an art director, you are not required to do a lot of designing. Instead, you will be managing all the different artists and creative teams in the organization. Therefore, it usually requires a diverse work history and plenty of experience. However, you also need to be skilled in that particular industry to know what works and what doesn’t. 

Why Work in Dubai 

Dubai Emirates in the UAE: offering graphic design jobs to talents

Environment: If you want a great job, you need a great company—and great companies are only found in economically-capable countries and big cities. 

In terms of economics, Dubai is on par with any other major city in the world, such as New York, London, and Tokyo. 

Some of the world’s biggest businesses cater to the MENA region and even Asian markets by setting up bases in Dubai. 

Financial Benefits: One of the biggest benefits of working in Dubai is that your income is completely tax-free. There is a slight tax, but that is only when you or your business make a lot of money per year. 

Even then, the tax rate is minimal. For the vast majority of job-goers, you get 100% of your salary. 

Future Growth: The fact that the region is also tax-free for businesses means that it is that much easier to start and operate your own business. 

As a graphic designer, you can easily start your own company and sell your services yourself. 

Since you don’t have to worry about taxes, you have fewer costs to worry about. The region also has a lot of business activity, so finding clients and team members to scale your business should be no problem. 

Region: The region itself offers a very high-quality lifestyle. Whether you enjoy nightlife activities, traveling, or have any other kinds of interests, you will find something to do here. 

The weather is also quite warm throughout the year, making it a pleasant place to live. If you’re moving with a family, then this is the ideal place to start your career and family life. 

Final Thoughts

The role of graphic design, in all its different forms, will only grow and increase in the future. As more companies start moving to digital markets, they need a visual representation of themselves to make an impact in the virtual environment. 

Dubai is already one of the best cities to live in globally and will likely maintain this position for the foreseeable future. 

Make your move today and get started with building a better career and a better life in Dubai. 

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