There are many benefits of using a local technical recruiter because they have extensive knowledge of the employment sector, salary trends, etc., in that city. They help companies fill roles faster, and job seekers find employment suited to them.

In this article, we will look at 5 top recruiters in Seattle that are worth checking out. Let’s dive in!

Top 5 Tech Recruiters Seattle

Working with a staffing company will save you time and money. These firms have connections with tech companies all over the world and with local startups as well. 

These firms have connections with tech companies all over the world and with local startups as well. The technical recruiters have years of experience in the industry and are well aware of the company’s and candidates’ staffing needs.

Here are five trustworthy Tech Recruiters Seattle staffing agencies with expertise in tech recruiting:

1. Next Step Systems

Seattle Tech Recruiters: Top 5 in WA

Next Step Systems is adept at the information technology marketplace in Seattle. They cover numerous tech roles, such as C# developer, DevOps engineer, project manager, AWS cloud engineer, front-end engineer, software developer, etc.

They also help place IT talent with healthcare organizations, marketing services, and sales leadership roles.

Next Step recruiting agency has operations throughout the United States in all major cities. Their IT recruiters keep a keen eye on the competition’s needs and know what skill sets to look for in a candidate.

Key points:

  • Next Step Systems’ technical professionals help with the placement process from screening and interviewing until the completion of the placement guarantee period.
  • Recruiting and placement are free for all candidates looking for employment on this platform.
  • The recruiters will thoroughly vet the job seekers to ensure they always put their best foot forward in interviews.
  • Next Step Systems is known for its diligence and for building sustainable relationships with IT professionals and the companies they represent.

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2. Beacon Hill Staffing

Top 5 IT Recruiters Seattle: Integrated Staffing and Talent Solutions in Washington

Beacon Hill Tech Recruiters Seattle provides staffing solutions across many employment sectors like finance, healthcare, government, human resources, technology, etc. Their services include recruitment, consulting, and workforce management.

They have offices in 60 different locations nationwide. The tech recruiting experts are always two steps ahead by actively researching the industry’s latest technologies and knowing how organizations use and invest in technology.

Key Points:

  • Beacon Hill recruiting agency has over 8,500 contract placements, 1,900 clients with active contractors, and 1,200 staffing professionals.
  • It is an independently-funded firm that supports diverse hiring, equity, and inclusion for all.
  • They strive for the equitable representation of IT professionals from all ethnicities and backgrounds through targeted recruiting.
  • Beacon Hill ranked number four on the “Area’s Largest Executive Search Firms” by Boston Business Journal.
  • Their thorough screening process of candidates also includes running a background check, security clearance, and looking into criminal activities and drug use.

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3. Scion Technical

IT Staffing Services and Tech Recruiting for Seattle, WA, US.

Scion Technical staffing can be used to hire IT professionals at different expertise levels, such as directors, vice presidents, chief technology officers, managers, team leaders, etc. Their candidates specialize in IT applications, hardware and end-user support, and creative roles.

They are certified members of the American Staffing Association. They provide staffing solutions across corporate, technical, non-profit, medical, creative talent, and executive sectors. They also keep updating their salary guides to help employers and candidates.

Key points:

  • Scion Technical ranked 31 in Forbes’ top 250 Best Executive Recruiting Firms worldwide. They were among the 1% of all staffing firms in the US to be included in this list.
  • The Business Times has also recognized Scion as the leading recruiting firm for its temporary, retained, and contingent staffing services for the last thirteen years.
  • Their rigorous vetting of candidates ensures a retention rate of 98%.
  • For a job seeker, some of the many compelling reasons to join Scion Technical are that they will put you on the radar of hiring managers, evaluate your strengths, and highlight the most relevant skills on your resume.
  • The recruiters will talk to hiring managers to understand the company’s specific needs and have a candidate ready for them in about 48 hours.

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4. Viri Technology

Tech Talent Acquisition in Seattle, USA.

Viri Technology, a Seattle-based Tech recruiting firm, specializes in placing the best tech talent on a permanent, contract, or contingent basis. Their specialized teams have a technical background and, thus, understand employers’ demands and the challenges job seekers face.

Viri Technology offers recruitment in various tech disciplines, such as system and cloud engineering, software development, mobile applications, technical project management, user experience, quality assurance, business intelligence, etc.

Key points:

  • Job seekers are coached by experienced professionals throughout their job search and are given opportunities in their desired technical discipline at no cost.
  • Viri Technology keeps all the candidates’ information confidential, and their resumes will only be forwarded to hiring managers with their consent.
  • Viri Technology’s resource center will provide valuable insights on topics like pre-interview prep, tips for phone interviews, LinkedIn networking, personal branding with social media, resume formatting, and much more!
  • The recruiters will take the time to learn about you and your goals through virtual meetings, so you do not have to go in for a face-to-face interview.

5. Built In Seattle

Tech Recruiters in US. IT industry recruitment in Washington, WA

Built In offers on-site and remote employment opportunities to job seekers, and they have increased their reach in the US with tech hubs in eight major cities, including Seattle. Job seekers are required to answer a series of questions when signing up, which goes like this:

  1. Choose the purpose of your visit, which could be to find suitable companies, receive job offers, or read tech articles.
  2. Select the top three values you want in your employer, with choices ranging from diversity+inclusion and work-life balance to salary expectations and scope of professional development.
  3. Select your core expertise, which will help customize job suggestions for you. Specify your years of experience and your previous job profile.
  4. Select all the tech skills you have acquired.
  5. Choose the area of Seattle you want to work in. You can also specify if you wish to work remotely or are open to relocating.
  6. And voila! You can start by browsing for relevant open tech jobs.

This will help the site to filter suggestions to your desire and match you with the best opportunities.

Employers can select from the standard and premium plans Built In offers and search for tech talent from a pool of over 50,000 monthly users. Here is how employers benefit from Built In professional services:

  • They get unlimited job listings, a premium profile, a featured company placement, and more.
  • They can build their company’s brand with custom editorial and video content.
  • Employers get maximum recognition with Built In’s enhanced tools for exposure.

Final Word

Companies that hire through employment agencies or tech recruiters can rest assured that they will be paired with the best-suited professionals in this competitive tech market. And candidates can find a role tailored to their skills and expectations.

Technical recruiters and firms act as a middleman between companies and job seekers. They make the overall process easy and efficient for both parties!

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