Talent User Guide

Please note that this User guide is for Talent Users. For Enterprise users, please refer to the Enterprise User guide. Talent user is referred to as “User” in this document.


What is Talentprise?

Talentprise is a Talent Intelligence web platform. Designed to support Talents (i.e., Job Seekers) to find dream jobs. While providing equal support to Enterprises (i.e., Employers) to find the best-fit Talents. Talentprise is data-driven, powered by AI to match Talents’ qualifications, motivation, and preferences, with Employers’ personas and needs. In a nutshell, Talentprise uses intelligence and data to bring Talent visibility to Employers, not a source for CVs.   

What is a Talent user in Talentprise?

According to Talentprise definition, Talent users are those users who are actively searching for a job opportunity, looking for a career switch, or career advancement. Fresh graduates and experienced professionals are welcome to register. Talentprise covers different job types i.e. full-time, part-time, internship, freelance, etc. All professionals and subject matter experts in a variety of domains and industries are encouraged to join Talentprise global pool. Talentprise is a platform that fits all Talents.   

This document explains in detail the entire registration path for Talent users. After reading this document, users will understand the following:

  • The entire process of registering a new account.
  • How to review and change account settings at any time after registration.
  • The different offered features by Talentprise.
  • How to navigate in talent dashboard and understand statistics.
  • Tips and tricks to help to get better visibility to registered employers.

As a new visitor to Talentprise.com and wish to create a Talent profile, please read this document carefully.


To create a Talent profile, the first user needs to click on GET STARTED button on the Talentprise home page. Users will be directed to the SIGN-UP page. Click on TALENT.

Tip #1

Read the Terms and ConditionsPrivacy policy, and Cookies policy before creating an account.

Users can sign up in 3 ways, choose the best suitable way:

  1. Directly: Users need to provide full name, valid email address, password, etc., and click GET STARTED. Users will receive a link in the email inbox to verify the email address.  
  2. Sign up with LinkedIn. If the User has a registered LinkedIn account (recommended).
  3. Sign up with Google. If the User has a registered Gmail account (recommended).
Tip #2

If signed up directly and no email verification is received, check spam or other folders in the email inbox. Since the email is registered but not verified, go ahead and log in with the username and password. The system will send a fresh verification email again.

The Talent path is crafted in a simple wizard format to help users quickly register their accounts by answering short questions with minimal typing/data filling.

Talent path comprises of 3 sections:

  • Section 1: Job Preferences (estimated time 3 min to complete)
  • Section 2: Biography (estimated time 8 min to complete)
  • Section 3: Assessment (estimated time 12 min to complete)

After completing the 3 sections successfully, Talent Users are granted a badge and go live in Talent Pool. There are 4 badge levels:

  • Elite (score >90 out of 100)
  • Advanced (score 80-90)
  • Competent (score 65-79)
  • Rising (score <64)

The score/badge is purely calculated based on users’ inputs in sections 2 and 3. It is absolutely bias-free. The badge represents the user’s identity in Talentprise. The badges are attached to users’ photographs and are reflected in the system. Users’ badges are visible to Enterprise users (i.e., Employers). 

The following 5 sections are used to calculate users’ scores (out of 100 points):

  • Section 2: Biography – Education (20 points)
  • Section 2: Biography – Experience (20 points)
  • Section 2: Biography – Expertise (20 points)
  • Section 2: Biography – Skills (20 points)
  • Section 3: Assessment – Competencies (20 points)
Tip #3

It is mandatory for Talent users to fill the required data in sections 1, 2, and 3 precisely and accurately. Users are responsible for their entered data. In case of incorrect information or misrepresentation is detected by Employers during interviews or at any stage and it has been reported, this causes the profile to be halted. Hence, it is very important for Talent users to check the accuracy of their data and ensure the data are precise and reflects the actual situation with zero misrepresentation.     

Section 1 – Job Preferences

Job Preferences, estimated user time 3 min on average. This section has 7 questions (toggle, checkbox):

  • Objective: What best describes the User’s objective to register in Talentprise?
  • Privacy: Who should view the User’s profile on Talentprise?
    • All Recruiters: All: The User profile is visible to all Enterprise users.
    • All Recruiters: Except current employer.
    • All Recruiters: Except current and previous employers.
    • In-house recruiters: current employer only. Select this option if the User is interested in internal mobility only.
    • In-house recruiters: except current employer only.
    • In-house recruiters: except current and previous employer.
    • Hidden profile: If the user wishes to make his profile invisible to all employers.
Tip #4

Registered Talent profile users are NOT visible publicly in search engines. This is to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of users’ data. A registered Talent user is not visible to other talents. Registered Talents are visible to Enterprise users only and according to the user-defined privacy rules mentioned in point 2 above “Privacy”. 

On the Enterprise side, there are 2 types of Employers; In-house Recruiters and Staffing and Recruitment professionals. In-house recruiters source talents for In-house employment. Staffing and recruiting professionals are third-party recruiters.

  • Contacts: 
    • Location: User’s current location. Start type city/county or click on the location icon and allow the system to detect the User’s current location. 
    • Telephone: add the User’s personal mobile number for verification.
    • Preferred contact method: by email, phone, or Talentprise Chat. User choice will be available in the User profile and for Enterprise users to know. Users will receive SMS messages on mobile with a code for verification. This step is mandatory to continue.
  • Job Type: select the desired job type. Users can choose multiple selections from the list; Part-time, Full-time, Contract, Internship, Apprenticeship, Freelance.
  • Attendance: select the preferred attendance to work office. Users can choose multiple selections from the list; Work remotely, Commute to office daily, Hybrid of office attendance, and working remotely.
  • Relocation: Is the User open to relocation?
    • No, I want to stay in the county where I am now.
    • Yes, I am open to relocation.
    • Yes, I am open to relocation, but to some countries; select the countries which User is willing to relocate and User is authorized to work (e.g. User has a work permit, residency, or nationality).
  • Availability: The user can choose only one option; If I signed a contract today, I could join:
    • On the next day
    • In 1 to 4 weeks
    • In 1-3 months
    • In more than 3 months

Once done, this section will be marked as completed. Now User needs to move to section 2: Biography.

Section 2 – Biography

Tip #5

The biography section accounts for 80% of the Talent user’s score. It is very important to be filled carefully, accurately, and precisely. In order to save time, it is highly recommended to make the User’s resume available to fill this section. Users can quit at any time and come back to continue after a few hours or days. All User data will be stored.

Biography, estimated user time 8 min on average: this section has 8 parts (toggle, checkbox, short text fields):

  • Upload User CV: this is an optional step. Users can upload their CV by “drag and drop”  or click on the browse files button. CV format must be PDF.
  • Education: All fields are mandatory:
    • Course: Field of study. The drop-down list is not inclusive. Start typing to get more options. If the course is not available, the User can add it.
    • School: name of the university. The drop-down list is not inclusive. Start typing to get more options. If the school is not available, the User can add it.
    • Degree: Select one from the list.
    • Campus: Location of the University. Start typing country name. 
    • Graduated in: Date of graduation. MM (month). YYYY (Year).
  • Experience: All fields are mandatory:
    • Employer: Company name. The drop-down list is not inclusive. Start typing to get more options. If the employer/company is not available, the User can add it.
    • Employer website: start with http: or https:.
    • Industry: Industry of Employer or User role in the company. The drop-down list is not inclusive. Start typing to get more options.
    • Employer size: Company size. Select the options.
    • Job Title: Type User job title associated with the stated employer.
    • From: Joining date. MM (month). YYYY (year).
    • To: End date. MM (month). YYYY (year). Today: Tick the box if the User is still working in the stated company. 
    • Occupation: Select the most relevant occupation related to the stated employer. The drop-down list is not inclusive. Start typing to get more options. Only one selection.
    • Location: where users are based with the current employer. If the user is unemployed, provide the User’s current location.   
    • Key activities/context: select the most relevant options from the list, related to the User’s current role. The drop-down list is not inclusive. Start typing to get more options. Multiple selections.  
    • SKIP: press SKIP If the user doesn’t have experience yet. In this case, the User needs to select the most relevant Occupation related to the User’s field of study or the role the User wishes to take.
Tip #6

Occupation is very important to be selected carefully. This is the most important field by which Employers search for talents to hire. If a User selected the wrong occupation, the User’s profile will not appear to employers searching for that profile. Occupation can be modified at a later stage. Users need to define an Occupation for each experience record. Occupations might be different for each Experience; e.g., Sales in the current role and engineering in the previous role.   

  • Expertise: Select the User’s relevant expertise from the list. The drop-down list is not inclusive. Start typing to get more options. Multiple selections. Users may SKIP and update Expertise at a later stage. Skipping this part will affect the User’s score. Recommendation: select up to 10 Expertise from the list.
  • Personal Skills: Select the User’s relevant Personal Skills from the list. The drop-down list is not inclusive. Start typing to get more options. Multiple selections. Users may SKIP and update Personal Skills at a later stage. Skipping this part will affect the User’s score. Recommendation: select up to 10 Skills from the list.
  • IT Skills: Add User’s IT Skills:
    • Skill: software, application, etc. The drop-down list is not inclusive. Start typing to get more options.
    • Level: User’s level in the selected Skill.
    • Years of experience: Years of experience in the selected Skill.

Users may SKIP and update IT Skills at a later stage. Skipping this part will affect the User’s score.

  • Certificates: Add User’s Professional Certificates. Employers may ask for proof of certification.   

Users may SKIP and update Certificates at a later stage.

  • Languages: select the User’s known languages and level. The minimum level is basic. Basic language skill refers to 4 business understanding skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
Tip #7

If the User has the expertise, IT skill, or professional certificate that is not found in the drop list, add feedback to the Talentprise Support team. Users can add feedback by clicking on the “Feedback” on the right hand of the screen.

The next step is uploading the User’s personal photo. If the User signed up using Google or LinkedIn, the User’s profile picture will be imported to the Talentprise profile. Users can change photos at any time.

Tip #8

Use recent and clear “personal” photo.   

Once done, this section will be marked as completed. Now User needs to move to the last section. Section 3: Assessment.

Section 3 – Talentprise Assessment

The assessment section accounts for 20% of the Talent user’s score. It is very important.

Before the User starts the assessment, make sure to read the instruction carefully. Assessment can be done at a later stage. If the User is ready to take the assessment, tick the box “I confirm I read and understood the instructions” and then press START ASSESSMENT.

The assessment duration is 20 min. on average; 24 multiple choices questions.

There is no right or wrong answer. It’s about getting to know the User’s personal skills. Answers must reflect the User’s personal opinion. 

Tip #9

Stay in a quiet place and ensure to stay uninterrupted for 20 min to complete the assessment.  

If the User started the assessment and decided to quit before completion, the next attempt of the assessment will start from the beginning. The number of attempts and assessment duration is recorded.

After assessment completion, the User’s overall score will be calculated and the badge will be displayed on the screen. Review the User’s assessment results.

Tip #10

Click on the “?” to learn more about the skill.

Press on GO TO YOUR DASHBOARD to access the Talent dashboard.

Talent Dashboard

What can I view on my dashboard?

  • User’s photo and Badge.
  • Top 3 strengths; according to User’s assessment results.
  • Top 3 Attention; according to User’s assessment results. These are the areas to improve.
  • My visibility this month: 3 key statistics; Profile Match, Profile Clicks, Profile to Pool.
Tip #11

Hover on any of the 5 titles, the magnifier will appear, click to read the details. 2 color codes: Blue represents the User’s score. Green represents the average talents in the pool with similar Occupations. 

  • My Profile views this month: Insights about the employers who viewed the User’s profile this month.
  • Review Trend: Great feature for job seekers. Offering enormous trending insight about registered employers in Talentprise. What is the trend of Occupations, locations, job types, etc. This trend is getting updated automatically and keeps changing based on Employers’ input. Users can view account settings for each trend. Users can also review the recommendation column and check if adjustments can be done to match with employers’ trends. This results in better matching scores of users’ profiles and brings more visibility to employers searching for specific talent in a certain occupation.  
Tip #12

Users are encouraged to visit the Talent dashboard from time to time and review the employers’ trends evolution.

Dashboard Header:

  • Chat icon: received chats from employers directly to Talents.
  • Bell icon: received notification from the system, personalized to the Talent user profile.
  • Profile icon on the upper right corner: click to access account settings or to log out from the system